You Can Now Get Increased Traffic With These Shopping Keywords

Shopping Keywords

Google recently published an article about shopping keywords. It revealed that there are three kinds of search queries often used by online consumers today. Surprisingly, they’re searching for affordable versions of expensive products. The keywords they use brought new opportunities for getting more site traffic and so this is something that website owners and SEO experts must look at.

Here are the trending shopping keywords today:

1. “Under Dollar Amount” Search Queries

The number of search queries with the word “under” plus a certain amount of price has grown over the years. You can consider adding this combination of key phrases to your web pages with the advice and help of an SEO company.

2. “Looks Like” And “Similar To” Search Queries

Both of these phrases grew by over 60% considering the mobile searches for the last two years. They can be beneficial for your site if you offer quality and affordable products that resemble those expensive and branded ones.

3. “Brands like” And “Stores Like” Search Queries

Finally, using these keywords gives you an opportunity to increase traffic. Particularly, you’ll be attracting shoppers who are looking for alternative stores or brands to buy from.

Integrating these keywords to your site’s structured data is crucial for positive mobile search results. So if you need help in choosing and using the right shopping keywords, seeking assistance from SEO experts is always a good idea.

This story was based on https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-keyword-trends/252543/. Click here for more details.

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