You Can Now Use The Knowledge Graph For Your SEO Campaign

Knowledge Graph

Google, in its mission to improve its user’s web search experience, create connections between their data using real world context which resulted in what we now know as “The Knowledge Graph.” This is more simply described through the information card that shows up on the right side of the screen every time people type in their queries in Google. While this breakthrough benefits the searchers, it can also assist digital marketers and SEO specialists.

As someone working on your SEO campaign, you must look closely into this information to uncover what facts Google thinks are most helpful to a user. Together with your partner SEO company, you can use this knowledge to help deliver better results for your SEO campaign. If your brand gets listed in these cards, you’ll get targeted traffic back to your site.

To do this, add a schema markup to your website. This way, Google will be able to understand your content better so it can add valuable metadata to its database. Knowledge cards also feature the best contents according to Google. What you can do is to read over that featured content and see points that you can improve on. Create a new piece and promote it.

The knowledge card improves user search experience and provides a new technique to boost your search engine optimisation efforts. Work with a reliable SEO company to get started on this new approach.

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