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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation is essential to your online success.

Visitors have to be transformed into clients and the SOLE method to do this is to make sure that your site uses Conversion Rate Optimisation strategies…



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There’s little doubt that we can offer Search Engine Optimisation that can send increased numbers traffic to your site, but these endeavours could be worthless if the overwhelming majority of visitors are clicking away without ordering anything. That is where Conversion Rate Optimisation comes into its own.

An attractive looking design with the wrong structure, flawed advertising captions, tedious sales copy, and monotonous technical advice is just not Conversion Rate Optimised. It’ll NEVER turn visitors into clients!!! This means that your website won’t ever produce the returns necessary to validate your investments.

As a consequence you need to ensure your site is doing absolutely everything in its power to turn visitors into clients.

This is known as Conversion Rate Optimisation and is a very intricate discipline that follows six foundation principals and uses thirty other key rules to make certain that your landing pages give you the sales you are searching for.

The SOLE motivation for having a site is to sell your products or services and if made using the suitable structures and methods (Conversion Rate Optimised), your site has the capability to be your most powerful sales and marketing instrument, by far.

Just think for a second that many sites have conversion ratios of less than 0.01% and yet the best ones convert up to 20% of the visitors they receive into customers. These may only seem like arbitrary figures but take a minute to do the sums.

The typical website gets only one buyer from every ten thousand visitors. The top sites would turn two thousand of those visitors into customers. With an average client spend of merely £30 that’s a difference in income of £59,970!

If your Search Engine Optimisation creates over ten thousand visitors a month, as an enormous amount of websites do, that’s lost sales of over £1,000,000 in fewer than two years.

£1,000,000 in the rubbish bin just because your website isn’t Conversion Rate Optimised!!!

And the disparity in these numbers has nothing at all to do with how attractive the design is or if flash was used or if you’ve used WordPress or nearly anything else that site designers and developers would have you think.

Regrettably whenever anyone thinks of constructing a site they get in contact with a designer or a developer because that seems sensible and that is what everyone does. In regards to Conversion Rate Optimisation, that is a bad way to begin.

You are placing your most powerful sales and marketing instrument into the hands of individuals who don’t understand anything about sales and marketing!

Website designers attend art school and learn about design. Programmers attend a technology school to understand writing code and even when you try and do the right thing by employing a seasoned copywriter, 99% of them understand nothing about the direct response writing style needed to convert visitors because they completed a journalism course. These aren’t the best resources to provide you with a conversion optimised site.

As not one among them genuinely understands anything about sales or marketing, you can now start to see the magnitude of the problem.

If you’d like your landing pages to sell then you certainly should seriously contemplate Conversion Rate Optimisation.

This begins with the fundamentals, like your site structure, your offers, your landing page, your content and how your site appears to visitors in numerous different browsers and screen resolutions.

It then continues on to the enormous conversion rate improvement to be found through the ergonomics of your website. You must reflect upon how your potential clients are actually “SEEING” your landing pages and how they’re interacting with those pages.

You also need to be certain that your customers are not merely glossing over the copy you require them to read to take positive action. If your site is not designed in a particular way, your crucial points will only be scanned and your sales attempts will fail.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) contains exceptionally complex analysis of the use, patterns and frequencies of specific words on your website and considers whether or not these are the words which are most likely to entice the appropriate customers and the appropriate focus.

Furthermore it covers other issues like visitor demographics, design evaluation, colour use, merchandise display, customer reviews and calls to action.

Regrettably, it is quite likely these points haven’t been sufficiently thought about or addressed in your current website but should you want the best possible yields out of your Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation is something you must seriously contemplate.

Why not give us a call now and we’ll not only offer you award winning Search Engine Optimisation, we’ll ensure your site is Conversion Rate Optimised to provide the best possible sales results at the same time.

Consequently, if you would like award winning Search Engine Optimisation combined with the best possible sales results,

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