Bing Updates Their Key Search Features For Better User Experience

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Bing has improved its key search features, which are crucial factors for cheap SEO service providers to consider. With these updates designed to give users better search results, it’s recommended for site owners and providers of cheap SEO packages to adjust their strategies accordingly.

With the new search updates, users can now see improved autosuggest predictions, People Also Ask suggestions, intelligent answers, and semantic highlighting in search snippets.

Such changes to their key search features were made possible after Microsoft’s advancements in Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Natural Language Representation (NLR).

The company has integrated Next Phrase Prediction – one of the latest technologies of Natural Language Processing – into Bing’s autosuggest feature. This means that when Bing users type in longer queries, the system predicts what they want and provides them with full phrase suggestions.

In the past, Bing’s autosuggestions had a different way of accommodating long questions from users. Instead of giving full phrase suggestions, the system only completed the word that was currently being typed by the user.

But now, the search engine can generate full phrase suggestions even before users could type the next word. Moreover, these suggestions are to be generated in real-time, so they are not based on the questions that users have previously typed in the search bar.

Because of this update, users can now have a better search experience, and providers of cheap SEO packages can take advantage of this feature to help their websites rank better, as well as advertise products and services.

Aside from improving autosuggestions, Bing also shows more People Also Ask (PAA) results for questions that users have not typed in previously. According to the company, these question-answer pairs come from billions of documents that were used with high-quality generative models.

When these documents show on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), they then populate the PAA block by using question-answer pairs that were previously generated along with existing, similar questions that users have already asked.

With the new update, people no longer have to browse documents just to explore more results; instead, they can get more answers by simply asking more questions.

Bing is also expanding intelligent answers to 100 languages covering more than 200 regions, which is almost all the areas that the search engine company services. In the past, these intelligent answers were only limited to 13 markets.

While this feature is similar to Google’s quick answers, the difference is that the answers on Bing are only shown if they is supported by multiple trustworthy sources. On the other hand, Google’s answers only come from a single source.

Lastly, Bing made changes to their search snippets by adding the semantic highlighting feature, which highlights the words in the snippets beyond basic keyword matching. This is certainly a step up from before, where the search engine would simply highlight snippets that matched the exact words a user typed in the search bar.

The goal is to help users easily find the answers they want without having to read the whole snippet. What’s more, this feature is not only available for English but for all languages.

Microsoft is continuing to make advancements in their NLP, so users can expect other similar updates in the future.

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