2 Things That You Should Know About A Possible Canonical Negative SEO Attack

Canonical Negative SEO

Recently, a negative SEO attack method has been discovered, and this can be bad news for many websites. On this kind of attack, detecting the attacker will be virtually impossible. This exploit has just been documented, but it isn’t verified or tested yet. But if this is real, it can greatly disrupt Google search results.

Here are some important details about the said attack that search engine optimisation specialists and site owners should take note of:

How the canonical negative SEO attack operates

This attack works by duplicating the whole head section and canonical tag of the site’s web page into the head section of the spam webpage. Through the canonical tag, Google will assume that the victim’s web page is the spam page.

How to detect this type of SEO attack

At present, it is discovered that only Majestic’s new index can detect and identify some of the attacking sites. It can show data regarding the relationship between the victim’s site and the one performing the negative SEO attack.

Moreover, there is still no confirmation that this attack is possible, and Google doesn’t seem to actively address this issue. But if you want to secure your site from such kind of attack, it’s recommended to seek help from professional SEO experts.

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