3 Important SEO Factors To Focus On For 2019

SEO Factors

Last 2018, Google has introduced great changes to how they rank websites such as using AI for about 30% of the search queries. Moving on, listed below are a few of the SEO factors that you should focus on for this year.

  1. Familiarise yourself with structured data. While structured data can be intimidating, it’s actually not that difficult to study how it works. You can even begin working with it with a simple copy and paste. Check out step by step guides that show how to set up structured data or you can seek the help of an experienced SEO agency.
  2. Take note of structured data mistakes. Some sites received penalties because of wrong implementation of structured data. This is why you should avoid mistakes like utilising inappropriate structured data or one that doesn’t match on-page content. Also, avoid violating Google’s guidelines for a particular type of data, as well as taking liberties or shortcuts, which is considered to be a manipulative behaviour.
  3. Create focused content. Unfocused content is one of the biggest mistakes for sites that have lost their rankings. Know that web pages rank because other sites link to them. Create content that solves a problem and not just based on keyword relevance, and you can ensure that other sites will link to it.

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