3 Ways To Overcome SEO Challenges When Managing An Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Website

When managing an ecommerce website, you will face a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to SEO. In this post, we will enumerate and explain some of these challenges as well as the solutions you could perform.

1. Product descriptions. It is a must for an ecommerce website to have engaging contents, particularly product descriptions. Therefore, it is advisable to update product information whenever you can, particularly those you want to gain better rankings. On top of that, you must get rid of duplicate contents and write unique descriptions for all of your products.

2. SSL. SSL is extremely important for an ecommerce website as it provides security and helps in improving your search engine optimisation efforts for Google. There’s a higher chance that people will trust websites with SSL as this allows them to use various payment methods securely.

3. Loading speed. If your website’s loading time is above three seconds, you might start to lose visitors, and this can negatively affect your revenue. That’s why you must acquire a good hosting and install cache plugins to optimise your website. However, this can be quite hard for an ecommerce website as each product contains several images that need optimising too. You can solve this problem by utilising image optimisation techniques like compression.

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