How To Recover From A Google SEO Penalty

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We don’t want to be viewed poorly by our customers, our peers, industry bodies, and so on. To do this, we approach our business with responsibility. We need to have that same responsibility when it comes to our online presence. Unfortunately, the rules of online are different and many genuine, responsible people fall foul of Google’s rules and end up with SEO penalties. It’s why it’s so important to work with a genuine white hat SEO company in the UK.

Falling foul of these rules can see your website penalised which can nullify your online presence. This can spell disaster for any business in a world of online dependency. But if your website has suffered as a result of a penalty from Google, don’t panic – you can reverse course and get back on track. To do this, you’re going to have to enact good search engine optimisation techniques and ditch those black hat techniques. So, start by ditching anything that could be classified as spam. By ‘spam’, we mean ‘pure spam’ – content created through automation and scraping content from other websites. This content is usually packed full of constant keywords, lacks any originality, and generally reads like total gibberish. If you have anything like that on your website, get rid of it and work with an organic SEO company. Secondly, ensure that your website isn’t ‘cloaking’. This is a technique that shows different versions of your website to search engines and visitors. This can be to avoid your website looking messy to visitors but can be filled with black hat SEO techniques in the background. Google considers this a serious offence. If you’ve had a penalty and you’ve used cloaking, it’s time to get rid of it. You can even use free tools to identify parts of your website that are cloaked.

Now that we’ve identified some of the most common issues that can bring about a penalty, it’s time to focus on the positive things you can do to correct the problems. Firstly, stop packing your website full of spam and start packing it full of value. Google’s algorithms value a website that has quality content. How does that work? Well, Google uses a combination of automated web-crawlers and humans. So, don’t just assume your website is being read by bots, assume it is being read by humans too. Tell relevant stories, relate them to your business, use good quality writers and white hat SEO companies. And that fits in with our last bit of advice: post content that is relevant to your website. The same goes for any reference links that have nothing to do with the purpose of your business or your website. Make sure to run your copy through plagiarism checkers and ensure that your content has meaning – kind of like, say, an SEO company in the UK telling people how to recover from a Google penalty. Relevant.

So, there you have it – these are just some of the first steps to take when your website is hit by a Google penalty. Don’t get mad; get relevant. Fix the problems that landed you with a penalty in the first place and work with either a global leading SEO company or a reputable SEO company in the UK to get back on track.