The Truth About Keyword Stuffing And Why It Does Not Always Result In Google Index Removal

Keyword Stuffing

In a Twitter discussion, John Mueller of Google explained that he does not believe that keyword stuffing should result in a page or website being removed from the Google search index. Since this concerns link building efforts, it is something that SEO professionals and webmasters must take note of.

According to Mueller, keyword stuffing is a popular technique back in the 90s. He said that Google can just ignore that a particular page or website has too many keywords, especially if it still contains useful information. He also stressed that Google wants to rank pages because of their useful content and not for keyword stuffing.

Mueller also advised webmasters and providers of affordable SEO services to give attention to their sites rather than wasting time investigating why other sites are getting better rankings than theirs. He even revealed that Google uses more than 200 factors for ranking, and a website does not need to get them all perfect.

However, it must be noted that keyword stuffing is still against the guidelines of Google, and they have called out webmasters about this in the past. Still, in case Google notices something wrong on a website or page, Mueller said that they could send notifications to the owners to inform them about this.

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