These Are The 4 Algorithm Facts That You Should Take Note Of

Algorithm Facts

One representative from Google shared some facts on how algorithms worked and how often they are tested. So whether you’re an SEO professional or site owner, here are four algorithm facts that you must take note of:

1. Insight into RankBrain queries.RankBrain was created to cover 15% of the search queries not visible to Google. With that being said, optimising for RankBrain isn’t something that SEO expertsshould target. Search marketers say that your content will be fine for RankBrain as long as it’s clear for the regular algorithm.

2. Penalizing sites for legal reasons. One area in the algorithms that is not often considered is when Google penalises a site and prevent it from ranking in theSERPs. Google said that they are strongly guided by law when making such decisions.

3. Algorithm changes and experiments. From over 270,000 algorithm experiments, 2,400 of these changes become a part of the search algorithms. In short, there are roughly seven algorithm updates happening every day.

4. Search Quality Evaluators. Google revealed that they use external Search Quality Evaluators to determine algorithm changes and even live search results. They also said that such evaluators come from diverse backgrounds and geographies.

This information came from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/4-googles-algo-facts/262067/. Head over to this link for more details.

With the help of experienced SEO companies, you can make sure that your site won’t be greatly affected by any changes like algorithm updates. Check out our page where we discuss further on how such experts can assist you.


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