These Are The Latest Updates On The Mobile-First Indexing Notifications From Google

Mobile-First Indexing Notifications

Another achievement has been unlocked by Google when it finally started sending mobile-first indexing notifications to SEO specialists and webmasters via the Google Search Console. If you received the said notification, the phrase “mobile-first indexing is enabled for” shows up along with the domain name of your website.

Over a month ago, Google started working on the process of mobile-first indexing. This means that the Googlebot will be using the mobile version of your website to rank and index it. Google traditionally uses the desktop version of your content for indexing, crawling, and ranking systems. But over time, they discovered that mobile searchers are facing certain issues if the mobile and desktop versions of a website differ from each other. So to help the growing number of mobile users, Google came up with the mobile-first indexing process.

Another great thing that search engine optimisation experts and site owners can expect upon receiving the mobile-first indexing notification is the increased traffic in the logs from Googlebot Smartphone. In addition, the snippets appearing in the Google Search results will now be generated from the mobile version of the content.

So have you received the latest notification from Google? If yes, know that this is a great advancement to explore with your partner SEO company, leading to a stronger and more efficient SEO strategy!

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