Things To Know When Replacing Old Content On Your Website

Replacing Old Content

Nowadays, there are site owners who are still unsure of the right action to take when it comes to their old SEO contents. Sometimes, they remove and replace the content in the outdated page, but then forget to redirect it. But what exactly is the best thing to do? Do you need to replace the content or redirect it to a new page?

John Mueller of Google expertly answered this question and provided pieces of information that webmasters and SEO companies will surely find helpful. He said that replacing the content and keeping the same URL is the ideal solution. In most cases, the process of changing URLs can be complicated plus canonical issues may arise as well.

On the subject of canonicals, swapping of URLs can happen when updating contents within the website. If you remove a URL and then replace it with a new one, it can have an impact on the search results. This could also affect your rankings as pages that were updated to new URLs many times might slip out of PageRank – an algorithm that ranks websites by measuring the importance of their web pages.

One wrong move when updating your outdated content might cause a terrible impact on your search engine optimisation efforts. So when doing this, it’s always advisable that you have an expert by your side.

This information was gathered from http://www.thesempost.com/google-keep-urls-replacing-old-content-new. For more details, click here.