This is How The Google Patent On Related Entities Impacts SEO

Related Entities Patent

Recently, the Google patent “related entities” was released. Through this patent, you will get more comprehensive results when searching a general phrase on Google. The search engine will present results by considering how the phrase is related to certain entities from a separate database and prioritises authority websites. But how exactly can this help SEO companies?

The patent greatly affects general SEO. It uses another database apart from the general search system. It doesn’t simply keep a record of all the links and anchors from all over the Internet but also includes the relationship between entities. This can help a lot in strengthening the connection of websites and brands to particular entities and terms. As a result, rankings, in addition to links, can be improved in a powerful and versatile way.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to set aside your link building efforts. By utilising this patent while focusing your contents on certain entities, you can achieve a strong geographical connection to the attributes you want to be associated with.

So if you’re going to avail of affordable SEO services, be sure to make the most of this related entities patent. By doing so, your website can get impressive results.

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