This Is The New Google Issue That Makes It Select Unrelated Canonical URLs

Unrelated Canonical URLs

SEO experts and website owners should be aware of the new Google issue where it may have selected unrelated canonical URLs. According to an announcement released yesterday evening, Google is aware of this and is trying to fix it at the moment.

Here is the tweet yesterday from Google Webmasters (@googlewmc):

“We’re aware for some pages, there’s an issue where we may have selected an unrelated canonical URL. In turn, breadcrumb trails on mobile might reflect the unrelated URLs. In rare cases, it might prevent proper indexing. We’ve been fixing this & will update when fully resolved”.

In related news, Google still has not fixed the issue in the Search Engine Console which involves indexed pages reports.

Further updates are expected from Google once the issue is resolved. As of today, this has not been fixed yet, but Google is taking care of the problem with accurate live status reporting and fresh data. Website owners and SEO professionals are advised to monitor this.

This story first appeared in https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-issue-is-causing-it-to-select-unrelated-canonical-urls/305259/. Click the link for more details.

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