This Is The Reason Why Ranking Algorithm Should Not Be Directly Associated With Quality Rater Guidelines

Ranking Algorithm

In a recent Google webmaster hangout, John Mueller of Google told SEO experts that the contents of the Quality Rater Guidelines don’t have a one-to-one relationship to their actual ranking algorithm. He said that the quality rater guidelines are only for their quality raters when trying to evaluate their algorithms. However, Mueller clarified that checking such guidelines is still advisable as they can give an idea of what Google wants to hit when it comes to search.

With that being said, Mueller tells the SEO community to focus on the bigger picture instead of the minor details. He said that concentrating more on authority, expertise, and trust of a website is a much better idea. For example, it must be assured that a website has names on it and not just content published from a long time ago, so users will know where these contents are actually coming from.

It must also be noted that quality raters are not even Google employees. Instead, they are outside consultants through third parties. As such, they do not make the algorithm themselves, but only test them. Their feedback is then sent to the engineers who will tweak and improve the algorithm.

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