This Is What European Users Should Know About The Upcoming Android Update

Android Update

An upcoming Android update may deliver a huge change to SEO as it centres on giving European users the freedom to pick which browser and search service to use. It is done in compliance with a European Commission ruling from 2018.

Once the update has been rolled out, two screens will be provided to users: one for browsers and another for search applications. Each will include five applications, even those that are already installed. For applications that are not installed yet, they will be included in the list based on their popularity but in random order.

If a user picks a search service other than Chrome, they will be asked if they want to change their default search service the next time they access Chrome. However, it is not certain if the choice prompt will be persistent until the user makes a decision.

This update will not be implemented in the United States, indicating that this might be something that Google is forced to do because of the European ruling. It is also noticeable that Google made the choice prompt smaller instead of going for a full page prompt as if designed to be easily overlooked by users. With that in mind, this is something every webmaster and SEO company must take into account when developing their strategies.

All details in this post were gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/android-update-browser-search-services/304383/. Click the link for more information.

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