This Is What You Should Know About The New Evergreen GoogleBot


The new evergreen GoogleBot went live technically a few days ago, and SEO experts and webmasters should take note of the fact that Google didn’t just turn it on overnight. In fact, Google’s John Mueller admitted that they are testing it for quite a while now, though he cannot say for sure when it went live because it needs a transition period. The new GoogleBot was not noticeable because Google did not change its useragent, though some evidence of it can be traced last April.

According to Martin Splitt of Google, they kept on experimenting new things using it on a few small sample sets of URLs. Then, they gradually increased or improved the amount of website the GoogleBot crawls and monitored what happens. He explained that he simply sampled it at random time while checking with the rendering team.

Splitt said that he is not sure when they started doing this since everything went really smoothly. But he said that they started from less than 1%, and by November 2018, they are at 10%. Following this pattern, they eventually reached around 100% last week.

With all of these in mind, SEO professionals and website owners can now assume that this new GoogleBot and the possible algorithm update last week are probably unrelated.

All details of this article were sourced from https://www.seroundtable.com/new-googlebot-rollout-happened-over-months-27560.html. For more information, click the link.

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