This Is What You Should Know About The New Search Console Features

New Search Console Features

Google continues to bring features from the old Search Console into the new one. Now, here’s what site owners and SEO experts should take note about the recently added Search Console features.

One of the significant characteristics of the new Search Console from Google is the streamlined reports. Such feature combines related reports that originally existed in their own sections into one, allowing users to access data without having to go back and forth on various reports. Furthermore, the new Links Report feature consolidates the functionality of the “Links to your site” and “Internal Links” reports from the previous Search Console.

Aside from Links Report, Google also added details on the Mobile Usability Report feature of the new Search Console. Such update now allows site owners and SEO professionals to inform Google regarding a fixed error through the Mobile Usability Report. At the same time, users can also directly submit reindexing and validation requests to Google. This is one of the major changes that the old Search Console does not have.

Last but not least, the new Search Console now allows its users to verify and add new sites, as well as manage users and permissions. This update can be found on the newly added setting page.

This story first appeared on https://www.searchenginejournal.com/new-google-search-console-adds-a-streamlined-links-report/266279/. Check out this link for more details.

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