This Is What You Should Know About The Reduced Meta Description Length

Meta Description

Google is reverting the character count of meta description length to around 160 characters. For most SEO specialists and website owners, this means that they have to change over their meta tags to shorter ones.

For desktop, the second line of meta descriptions will be truncated with ellipses if they are beyond the new character limit. On the other hand, those under the character limit will not be affected. As for mobile, they won’t have truncation issues since they have three lines of description on average. Because of this change, most commercial type queries are now going for the shorter 160 characters, but informational queries remain with the previous 280 characters.

According to Google, they won’t give a recommended length for meta description tags since things are always changing. After all, the meta description section in their HTML improvements, as seen on Google Search Console, isn’t alerted by long descriptions, but only by extremely short ones.

Most providers of affordable SEO services expressed dismay with this change since they’ll have a lot of work to do to adjust the descriptions, especially for huge websites. However, this still presents an excellent opportunity for website owners to use the extra space in the search results for other matters.

This SEO update was gathered from http://www.thesempost.com/google-description-length-desktop-mobile-search-results/. For more information, click here.

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