This Is Why Google Removed The Preferred Domain Setting In The Search Console

Preferred Domain Setting

SEO experts and webmasters should know that Google is removing the preferred domain setting in the Google Search Console. This feature was included in the old version of the Search Console as part of the Google Webmaster Tools. It allows users to inform Google which domain to be used to index a website’s pages, or the canonical domain.

Google has decided to entirely remove this feature in the new version of the Search Console because it can now choose the preferred domain depending on different signals they receive. Any existing configuration and setting will not be considered by the search engine anymore.

With this change, SEO professionals and webmasters can now instead use site architecture to inform Google about their preferred domain. They can use a rel=”canonical” link tag on HTML pages or HTTP header, 301 redirects for retired URLs, or use the sitemap.

Now that you cannot rely on Google to determine your preferred domain anymore, you should ensure that you did not change your listed canonical URL with this announcement. It is also recommended to audit your Google results to see if your indexed canonical URL has changed since it’s uncertain if Google will communicate with users about this matter through the Search Console.

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