This Is Why Having A Higher Page Count Does Not Affect Search Rankings

Page Count

John Mueller of Google explained that having a higher page count has no effect on rankings. In fact, he said he has found case studies from the SEO community where cutting down page count leads to higher rankings in Google search.

According to Mueller, there is no ranking factor that will give better rankings to a certain website if it has a lot of indexed pages. Nevertheless, he said that if you could produce a lot of content depending on your niche, then it is highly encouraged that you write quality content for it. However, simply breaking down contents across more URLs is not an advisable strategy for search.

Mueller even said that most of the time, large sites that reduce their indexed pages achieve higher rankings. Back in 2013, there was a poll wherein a lot of SEO experts believed that Google gives higher rankings to larger websites compared to smaller ones. However, determining large sites from small ones is still a bit unclear.

On top of that, Mueller said recently that no matter how frequent you publish contents, it doesn’t affect your rankings either. Instead, creating more unique and interesting content will give you higher chances to get better rankings.

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