Three Simple Ways To Build Trust In Your Business Through Website Marketing

Website Marketing

Website marketing is an art in itself, and it’s a far cry from carrying out old-style leaflet drops door-to-door or advertising in the Yellow Pages. Done correctly, it’s a powerful tool that can enhance your profitability and company growth. Get it wrong and you’ll disappear out of sight, and your better-prepared competitors will grab all the business.

While sourcing products and buying over the Internet is becoming increasingly more commonplace, the public are still wary about making online transactions. The challenge for genuine businesses is to ensure that they are constantly building trust in their company and their products, to inspire confidence and encourage conversions from enquiries to sales. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to enhance your web marketing, so that your audiences see your company as a reliable seller. The first of these is using, and displaying your use of, social media. It’s not enough to maintain your own site in isolation. People these days, although they don’t necessarily know it, look for evidence of wider appeal. If you can boast a large following on Twitter or Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, you are instantly displaying credibility. Viewers of this information will know that your company has authority in its field, enough that people want to hear what your company is saying about your products or your industry. So the Internet marketing agency you have hired should be promoting your messages on social media, as well as providing sound content for your own website. The next thing you can do to encourage trust is to post positive testimonials from previous clients.

Audiences love the human touch and having direct quotes from individuals or companies that have used your products or services goes a long way to endorsing the quality of what you do. They’re also often good illustrations of how your product or service can solve potential customers’ problems, which can then lead to further sales. Remember that to be truly authoritative, it’s helpful if some reviews appear on other, independent sites, as well as your own. Your Internet marketing consultant can help by suggesting relevant sites and arranging placement of your great customer reviews on them. The third trick to successful website marketing is to offer quality, informative content on your website. Don’t just carry out the hard sell, with tons of impenetrable product information. Include hints and tips, how-to guides, interesting industry innovations or news, and so on. Doing this demonstrates not only that you know your stuff, but also that you’re a company that’s not just in it for profit – you genuinely care about your customers and about helping them solve their own issues. Many people search the Internet to find information to resolve a query (from what restaurant to book for an 18th birthday party to how to unblock a drain, for instance!).

If your website is geared towards answering popular queries about your product, visitors are more likely to hit on it by chance, and from there, it’s a short step to a sale. This highlights the importance of employing an expert Internet marketing company to assist you with keyword research, SEO, and content. Your website marketing should be focused towards what users are really asking for if you want to succeed.