What We Know About The New Google Indexing Issue That Caused Pages To Be De-Indexed

Google Indexing Issue

Last Thursday, a Google indexing issue appeared, causing multiple pages to drop out of the Google index. For the past days, this news has alerted several webmasters and SEO experts. Up until now, the issue isn’t fully resolved, but Google seems to be close to fixing the problem.

Yesterday, Google posted on Twitter that they’re still working on the indexing problem. Further improvements have been made, and they were hoping that the remaining issues will be fixed within 12 to 24 hours.

John Mueller also revealed that in this situation, site owners may expect reduced traffic from search in Analytics and a decreased number of impressions in Search Console. Also, according to Google, due to the internal management of their Search index, some pages might have been de-indexed for a few days. They assured, however, that those who are conducting SEO work on their websites don’t have anything to do. Google is taking actions to solve the errors on their end.

After the 24-hour window closed, another tweet from Google was posted saying that the indexing issue should be completely fixed in the next eight hours. Meanwhile, several documents might take another 12-24 hours to restore.

Details in this post were gathered from https://www.seroundtable.com/google-index-bug-almost-resolved-27387.html. Click the link to know more.

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