What You Need To Know About Chrome Blocking Mixed Content

Mixed Content
SEO experts and webmasters should take note of the recent announcement by Google saying that the Chrome browser will block web pages with mixed content starting December 2019. This refers to web pages loaded through HTTPS that has scripts, images, styles, and other linked content served through the HTTP protocol.

According to Google, having mixed content can make a website vulnerable to attacks and can result in poor user experience on the HTTPS website.

With Chrome 79 to be launched this December, HTTP content will be automatically upgraded to HTTPS if that resource exists on HTTPS. Google will also start using a toggle that can unblock insecure resources blocked by Chrome. Though not an outright blocking, this will cause affected web pages to display security warnings.

By January 2020, this unblocking option will be removed by Google, and the actual blocking of web pages with mixed contents will be implemented.

With these in mind, SEO companies and webmasters are encouraged to check their web pages for mixed content and start sorting them out. There are various tools online that can be used to detect this kind of content, such as the Screaming Frog Crawl Software which is suitable for huge websites.

Details of this post were gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-block-mixed-content-warning/. Click the link to see the full article.

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