What You Need To Know About Legacy Domain Penalty

Legacy Domain Penalty

Recently, John Mueller of Google was presented with a strange situation of a site that can’t rank for its own brand name or even a snippet from its homepage. Mueller’s analysis of the situation led to the discussion about legacy domain penalty – an issue that both webmasters and SEO experts should be aware of.

According to the site owner, they bought the site domain three years ago and didn’t receive warnings from webmaster tools that they have penalisations. Although they get a couple of search queries for their branded items, their website doesn’t show up in the SERPs.

It seemed like Mueller was cautious in his answer as he didn’t give his opinion on what might be happening to the site. However, he said that his team would check if there’s anything that needs to be adjusted on Google’s side.

Meanwhile, other experts recalled on their experiences with domains that received a penalty in the past. And even though the sites were removed and the domain registration was passed to someone else, the penalty still remained. It has been claimed that legacy domain penalties happened many times in the past years. This is why a good search marketer would always do a background check on the domain before buying it.

Details of this SEO post were gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-domain-penalty/308645/. Follow the link to know more.

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