What You Need To Know About Nov. 2019 Local Search Update

Nov. 2019 Local Search Update

SEO professionals and webmasters are now on the lookout on the impact of the Nov. 2019 Local Search Update. Google confirms that they are now using neural matching for their local search results as well as subsequent local ranking changes.

Through the Nov. 2019 Local Search Update, the search engine giant can have a better understanding of user queries with local search intent, even if the name or description of the business is not included. Because of this, it is expected for the local results of Google to change significantly. Only 30% of the search results is impacted by neural matching last year, but this has probably increased due to the update.

In addition, Google said that this change is a global launch, meaning it is not focused on the US alone but including every country that has Google access.

Google’s advice for SEO companies and webmasters on how to address the Nov. 2019 Local Search Update is still the same as the previous updates. To rank well locally, everyone is encouraged to pay attention to relevance, distance, and prominence. No changes are required for businesses, but Google gives the basic local ranking help document that was published before for reference.

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