What You Should Know About The Crawling And Indexing Schedule Of Google

Crawling And Indexing

In a recent webmaster hangout, John Mueller revealed the crawling and indexing schedule of Google, stating that URLs or pages are crawled and indexed at different rates. This is in response to a publisher who asked how quick Google removes added pages from index once a noindex nofollow are added to them. Mueller also provided further details about Google’s crawling and indexing schedule, which SEO experts and webmasters should know about.

As part of his statement, Mueller said that some URLs are crawled on a daily or weekly basis. Other pages, on the other hand, will be every couple of months, and maybe every once half year or so. This then clarifies that Google doesn’t actually crawl the pages with the same frequency at all times.

As for SEO professionals or site owners who made significant changes on their sites, know that updates will be picked up fast but there will be a few leftover ones. Having said that, Mueller recommended allowing Googlebot to know the modified date of the changes and updating the sitemap to help crawl old web pages. While he didn’t say anything about Google’s URL inspection tool, it’s still said to be useful if you only got a few web pages to be re-crawled. However, if it’s numerous URLs, then submitting a sitemap is highly recommended.

This interesting SEO update first appeared on https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-crawl-indexing/274141/. Click here for more information.

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