Why The Written Word Is Still Important To Search Engine Optimisation Companies

London Search Engine Optimisation

The way your audience search for information is changing. Visual search is on the rise as devices and search engines become more adept at recognising and finding specific images. It can be tempting, therefore, to think that the written word is becoming obsolete and that good quality copy is something you no longer need from your London search engine optimisation company. However, the truth is very different.

Far from being obsolete, the written word is more important than ever in website optimisation. The rise in visuals comes at a time when your audience is becoming less trusting, more willing to browse than to buy, and needs enticing to move beyond that initial image. When you are occupying online space, your website becomes your shop window and your content becomes your shop assistant. While your website and its visuals get people through the door, it is your content – your shop assistant – that encourages them to stay and walks them through each stage of the buying cycle. Here are just a few of the ways in which your London search engine optimisation company should use written content to act as a shop assistant to increase your conversions. Firstly, the written word provides information, it explains more about the visual. While a picture may paint a thousand words, it cannot provide you with an accurate measurement, capacity, or washing instructions, for example. In a shop, these are examples of details that the shop assistant would either know or be able to find out for you to inform your buying decision. This information increases trust in your brand and stops your potential customer from walking away at the first hurdle.

The second most important reason why written content is still important for SEO optimisation is that it can answer questions. As well as giving basic information, a shop assistant can generally answer any questions about the items they are selling. So, if you are unsure whether a coat is waterproof, suitable for use on a motorcycle, or should only be worn on a clear, dry, sunny day, they can help you. A search engine optimisation consultant should provide well-written content that can do the same. It should provide all the information you need to answer any question you may have, and in turn, help you make the right purchasing decision for you. Finally, good quality written content acts as a signpost, taking you where you need to go so that you do not get lost and leave the buying cycle out of frustration or loss of interest. It acts in much the same way as the shop assistant who takes you to the till, explains the optional extras and methods of payment, and pops your item in a bag or arranges delivery. Good quality writing provided by website optimisation London based companies does all of this and does it without making the customer feel overwhelmed or bombarded with words at every turn.

But, all of this relies on the written content from your London search engine optimisation company being of good quality. It needs to be grammatically correct, spell checked, and presented in a way that draws the customer in without getting them sidetracked, lost, or bored. It should contain well-placed keywords and phrases to bring in those not using visual search and it should be created with your audience sector in mind.