Why You Need To Consider Using Keyword Grouping And How You Can Do It Right

Keyword Grouping

Since the early days of SEO, keyword grouping has been used by many professional SEO consultants to help them optimise websites for best performance. But what exactly is this kind of approach? Keyword grouping, also known as keyword clustering, is a list of semantically related keywords that will be distributed throughout web pages to drive organic or paid traffic.

There are various reasons why you should start using the keyword grouping approach. It can help your site look more relevant to the search engines, enhance the quality of your contents, and even avoid keyword cannibalisation. And like other SEO techniques, keyword grouping involves a series of steps that must be followed.

1. Perform keyword research. You can do this by gathering a database of related keywords including long-tail ones for a particular niche.

2. Create high-level groups. Such groups should be made around your main services or products.

3. Make sub-groups. Create shorter clusters of keywords with the same category by dividing your high-level groups.

4. Work through the sub-groups. Narrow down your keyword lists on the sub-groups by continuously working on them until they are closely related to one other.

Furthermore, remember that grouping your keywords properly is very important as it can have a tremendous impact on the pace and effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

This SEO update was gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/keyword-grouping-se-ranking/271997/. To learn more, click here.

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