Why You Should Concentrate On Search Console Links When Disavowing

Search Console Links

Most website owners today work with SEO experts when disavowing bad links. For this process, the Google Search Console is used as it often shows the most problematic or the most important links. With that being said, John Mueller from Google explains that while it is up to the users which links to disavow or not, it is a good idea to start focusing on Search Console links instead.

The links found in the Google Search Console are those that Google knows about. Therefore, it is a wise move to prioritise them when disavowing bad links. According to Mueller, the data shown in the Search Console are pretty similar across the old and new versions.

Furthermore, he explained that such links could give users an idea of the general pattern, especially SEO professionals who are knowledgeable in link building. As a result, this will allow them to determine if there are other links that they can add to those provided by the Search Console.

So when it comes to cleaning up bad links that were bought or gained that violates the Google Webmaster guidelines, start by removing those that appear in the Search Console. Then, you can simply disavow other bad links even if they are not showing in the Search Console.

All details of this blog were gathered from http://www.thesempost.com/google-search-console-links-disavow-file/. Visit this page for more information.

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