You Need Conversion Rate Optimisation From A Professional SEO Consultant

Professional SEO Consultant

If traffic figures to your website are going through the roof but you are still not seeing the benefit in terms of sales, there is something wrong. You might naturally expect more visitors to equate to more sales, but that’s not the whole story. Your next step should be to investigate the potential for conversion rate optimisation. And a skilled, professional SEO consultant can assist with that.

But what is conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and why is it important? To cut to the chase, it’s about getting visitors to your site to experience that ‘eureka!’ moment. If users are carrying out an internet search, it’s usually because they are looking for something in particular. That may simply be information; or it may be a specific product they are searching for. Either way, they have a need to be filled. CRO is about turning them from browsers into buyers by offering them the ideal solution to their query. It’s then about getting them to actively engage with your company, where previously they might have headed to an alternate site. So how can analysis of your site, by SEO experts, make that happen? The first step is knowing what you are trying to achieve with your website. What aspects of its performance do you want to improve? For many businesses, it is as simple as wanting to convert visitors to customers. The right SEO professional services can analyse current traffic patterns to uncover potential barriers to that process. They examine numbers of visitors to each page and at what point users leave your site, for instance, to build up a picture of how your website is performing.

From this point, a professional SEO consultant are able to pinpoint recommendations and areas for action that will improve matters. One key area, for instance, that often needs conversion rate optimisation is a website’s landing page. This is the first contact many potential clients have with a company – often, the site’s home page. If it is traffic-heavy at the moment, but people rapidly leave without taking action, then it could well be that the information on there is under-optimised. Improving the language to ensure users’ questions are answered upfront about the product or services the company offers and inserting a strong call to action or optimising the existing one could be the next logical step. Another area your SEO consultant might target is the conversion process itself. Is it unnecessarily complex, with too many steps, making it difficult or time-consuming for your website users to make a purchase? People’s attention spans are increasingly short and even the slightest delay or laborious clicking through multiple pages to get to the point of sale can be enough of a turn-off to have them heading to a competitor’s site.

This is necessarily just a brief overview of CRO. But if you are blindly spending money on SEO without investigating what barriers there are to prospective customers making a purchase, then you could be wasting your time. Speak to your professional SEO consultant today about making a detailed analysis of what is currently happening when visitors enter your site. And then ask them to take the all-important steps to improve your conversion rate – and therefore your ROI.