Facebook Business Suite Offers More Effective Social Media Management

should I hire a small business SEO company to manage my social media accounts
Any SEO service company can now have access to Instagram, Messenger, and Pages tools all in one place. According to Facebook, studies show that many small business SEO companies are too busy to improve their operations across Facebook’s apps. To make things easier, the social media giant has introduced the all-new Facebook Business Suite.

Facebook Business Suite is a newly-launched hub for both desktop and mobile devices where SEO agencies can manage Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook using helpful tools. The hub is currently capable of advertising, posting, messaging, and monitoring insights.

Because of this, SEO companies can now have a better way of managing their activities all at once, giving them more time to focus on important business tasks without distractions.

To get started with Facebook Business Suite, users should first link their business accounts on Instagram and Facebook. This will allow them to get the most out of Facebook’s tools.

To connect both accounts, users should open their Facebook Page and go directly to the settings located from the top menu. Click the “Instagram” option and select “Connect Account”. This will prompt a new page where the user is required to input the username and password of their Instagram account.

SEO agencies that do not have a business account on Instagram will be required to convert their personal accounts into one. Once this is done, they can now have access to all of the tools that can be found in the Facebook Business Suite.

The Business Suite has important features that can help with SEO tasks. Here are some of them:

  • It allows SEO experts to monitor all the comments, notifications, messages, and other activities on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  • They can easily manage their daily business activities as Business Suite allows them to know what should be prioritised.
  • They can customise saved replies for customers asking similar, common questions.

SEO experts can also now create new posts in the same place for both Instagram and Facebook accounts. They can also choose between publishing posts now or schedule for a specific time later.

As for insights, Business Suite can provide users with a dedicated insights tab, helping them determine what strategies work for their page. They can view metrics like engagement, reach, and post performance for both Instagram and Facebook.

Lastly, SEO agencies can create ads, boost posts, and use several advertising features. However, the app is not applicable to users who are relying on Ads Manager to advertise their products and services.

The number of SEO consultants using Business Suite is gradually increasing has Facebook continues to roll out this feature throughout the month. Users can access the app on desktop just by logging into their accounts on business.facebook.com.

Likewise, the hub is available on mobile. SEO experts who use the Pages Manager app can find the option to get into Business Suite. If not, they can download Facebook’s Business Suite app from the iOS or Android app store.

Facebook has confirmed that they will be adding more features to their app in the future. Currently, Business Suite is available for small business SEO companies will expand to larger businesses in 2021.

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Author: Jason Ferry
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