Four PPC Myths Debunked In 2021

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) myths have been plaguing the SEO marketing community for a while now. Many marketers believe in these myths, hoping to create efficient yet cheap SEO marketing strategies, not knowing that they actually do their programmes and campaigns more harm than good.

This 2021, experts have dispelled some of the most common PPC myths, allowing marketers to see beyond them and improve their marketing strategies.

PPC Myth #1: Your PPC strategy is inefficient if the decision-making process is long or emotional.

PPC and marketing strategies work hand in hand. If there are issues with the marketing strategy, there is a huge possibility that the PPC advertising will be affected as well, especially if a buyer needs to go through a long and hard emotional process before buying a business’s product or service.

For instance, if a business offering caregiving services to the eldercare market advertises its brand, experts recommend combining PPC with a marketing strategy that speaks to the heart and gives potential clients time to come to a decision. No matter how well made an advertisement is, if it straight up asks people to fill out a form and have their loved one admitted to the care home without considering their emotions, it will not convince anyone.

Instead, marketers can shift their marketing focus to interested clients who are looking for a care home tour or those who are searching for information about care homes online, and from there, make good use of PPC advertising.

PPC Myth #2: PPC can make a website get to the top of the search engine results page (SERPs) in a short amount of time.

Start-ups – and even well-established businesses launching new products – think that they can get to the first page of the SERPs just by using PPC ads. While it is true that using PPC can help a brand reach the top of the front page of Google search results, relying solely on PPC is still a flawed strategy.

PPC works best with SEO and vice versa. Businesses can’t get to the top page of the SERPs by relying on only one of the two. Thus, SEO marketing experts should employ both in their strategies.

Moreover, it takes huge effort to maintain SERP rankings, especially since Google makes minor updates in their search algorithm systems daily.

PPC Myth #3: If a keyword, ad group, or campaign is not converting well, it should be paused.

Although this myth seems logical at first glance, marketers should still think about their PPC programmes holistically. Businesses think that pausing campaigns that are not doing that well is cost-efficient because they get to save expenses by focusing only on top performers.

However, an effective PPC programme should include a variety of campaign types with different goals. A business should aim to cater to every stage of their customers’ journey, and not all customers have the same goal.

PPC Myth #4: PPC is too costly.

PPC ads can actually be a relatively cheap SEO marketing strategy, especially if a business works well with experienced PPC managers who really know what they are doing in terms of the financial aspect.

However, there are times when one should be willing to spend a reasonable amount of their marketing budget on their PPC programmes to get a good return on investment. But if a PPC programme drives leads and sales that are greater than the amount of money a business invests, then it’s not such an expensive strategy after all.

Google has upgraded a lot of its algorithm systems this year, so SEO marketers should let go of the PPC myths discussed above. Old PPC techniques that were tried and tested in the past may not work as well as they do now, and it’s best to turn to new methods to keep up with the times.

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Author: Jason Ferry
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