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SEO experts are constantly coming up with efficient SEO content writing strategies to get their content into Google News for a boost in site traffic. Getting SEO content featured in Google News brings more attention to it due to the visibility benefits that the search engine gives to top stories.

The SEO community had to meet several requirements before their content could be listed in Google News. In 2019, however, the search engine company changed its policy and removed these strict conditions. Instead, they announced that publishers can be automatically considered for Google News or Top Stories, provided that the content is of high quality and in line with their policies.

Nevertheless, the practical tips that Google gave to be eligible for the News feature before remain effective to this day. Listed below are the General Guidelines that SEOs must follow to increase the likelihood of their content being featured in Google News.

Content Types

The content should always be relevant, timely, and interesting for Google News’ target audience. Content that does not fall into the news category focuses on giving tips, useful information, and job adverts.

Originality And Readability

The content must be original and accurately written, so for SEOs who have a website with a combination of self-generated and aggregated content, they must clearly differentiate the two. Otherwise, neither content will get listed in Google News. Moreover, the content should not contain any distractions like videos, advertisements, and the like.

Technical Guidelines

When Google crawls and indexes content, they look for technical factors and determine if these meet their guidelines. Most of these requirements are traditional SEO ranking factors that are specifically relevant to Google News.

For instance, the search engine looks for links that are descriptive of the content. The content should be in HTML format, meaning that Google skips articles that are in JavaScript, PDF, and other content types. They also require the domain itself to be accessible to search engine bots.

Expertise And Trust Signals

Publishers must aim for content that reflects their expertise in the industry if they want to get featured in Google News. It should contain a clear opinion that’s based on the experience and knowledge of experts. Moreover, it should be supported by trust signals, including supporting authorship, telephone numbers, and a physical address.

Aside from the General Guidelines mentioned above, publishers also need to consider Quality Guidelines. Website owners should look at their content closely before publishing them by looking at other published articles with the same topic on top-ranking sites and comparing their SEO content writing strategies to others.

Experts advise that the content must exceed the basic requirements, like statistics, opinion, variation, expertise, trust, and depth. Also, Google News is strictly accepting news content only, and forcing it to accept all types of content – even those that are not newsworthy – is a poor tactic that’s doomed to fail.

The content should always focus on a specific industry and must be company-neutral, meaning it does not promote any products or services. Although Google News accepts content that includes quotes and opinions from the experts, it should not contain business advertisements or anything that has a promotional tone.

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Author: Jason Ferry
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