Google Adds 100K Web Stories To Search Index Daily

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SEO marketing agencies use Google Web Stories to provide users with informative and entertaining content. Google recently shared a report on Web Stories usage, which states that the search engine company adds 100,000 new stories to their search index every day. The data shows that Web Stories are now one of the best-performing content formats today, making them a crucial part of any SEO marketing strategy.

The report says there are over 20 million Web Stories online in total. Google created a domain for Web Stories in Google Discover so readers could browse a personalised and relevant stream of the best Web Stories from around the Internet. Their goal was to help creators, marketers, and publishers easily take full ownership of their content.

There was a positive reaction from users when Google launched the Web Stories, which looked a lot like the short clips on Instagram, and it continues to appeal to wider audiences today. The search engine company reported that millions of users are engaging with Web Stories on a daily basis. Moreover, they had published 6,500 new domains since October 2020, when they published their very first Web Story.

The highlights data in the report started last October when they allowed SEOs to publish their Web Stories in Google Discover. There is a huge possibility that this update was the main factor that pushed domains to publish their Web Stories one after another.

Ever since Google launched the Web Stories format, they were able to gather a lot of data, which led them to share these five recommendations on creating stories to help publishers attract more readers.

Five Insights On Creating Engaging Web Stories

Below are some of the top things that Google learned about Web Stories content.

1. Content with the most engagement

According to Google's reports, lifestyle content received the most engagement from their users. Such content typically contains informative how-to information and aspirational imagery. The search engine company supports this insight, saying that the lifestyle category makes for great content that's suitable for Web Stories. This is most likely because people generally swipe through a Web Story, giving them that feeling of browsing a catalogue.

2. Content with the most impressions

According to the reports, Web Stories that centre on Food and Drink, as well as Arts and Entertainment, tend to get the most online impressions. Impressions do not necessarily imply engagement; instead, they indicate which categories are more famous than others based on the readers' engagement.

3. In-demand content

Google's report data shows a high demand for Web Stories in the Gaming, Sports, Celebrity, and Arts and Entertainment categories. SEO marketing agencies can get the most out of this type of content because there are a lot of movies, TV series, and games rolling out all the time.

4. The ideal length of a Web Story

Google does not say any if there's an ideal page length that Web Stories need to have to be considered high-quality. But on average, readers will tap through 11 to 15 pages per story. Therefore, the report suggests that marketers and content publishers should include the most important details within the first 15 pages of their Web Stories.

5. The popularity of Web Stories on Google Discover

Google's report says that users watch an average of 1.7 stories every time they open a Web Story. However, this may differ across demographics.

Benefits Of Using Web Stories In Your SEO Marketing Strategy

Web Stories have many benefits for SEO marketing, and it is no surprise that this new type of content became popular among many in the SEO community. This format is versatile and allows publishers to create content easily, so it is definitely a beneficial medium that marketers should explore.

Here are some of the top benefits of using Google Web Stories.

Gives more control - Content publishers and SEOs can host their Web Stories on their website, and all the copyright belongs to them. Although Google does not assume any rights over the content, the search engine company can restrict it before it gets published. Most notably, Google tends to enforce their policy against publishing "overly commercial" Web Stories. Nevertheless, SEOs can use all the topics at their own discretion, unlike on social media, which has strict limitations.

Monetisation - The content creator controls any advertisements that appear in a Google Web Story. A big difference between Web Stories and social media is that monetisation of the content is at the publisher's discretion on the former. So, if they host advertisements on their Web Story, they get 100% of the ad revenue.

External linking - Social media sites have similar story formats, but they do not let content creators link to other websites. This lack of external linking forces them to put their links in their bio or the comments. Fortunately, Google Web Stories do not restrict linking to other sites.

Supports Google Analytics for tracking - Web Stories are similar to web pages, so SEOs can link them to Google Analytics and other analytics platforms. Therefore, online businesses and marketers can track and analyse data, unlike with social media story formats. This makes Web Stories an integral part of any marketing strategy.

Stories are responsive - Web Stories are responsive to any type of device, unlike AMP, which only works best on mobile devices. By using Web Stories, SEO publishers and marketers do not have to suffer from the loss of functionality on the mobile version or make separate content for the desktop version.

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