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SEO Google Ads is one of the best tools that experts use for advertising their products and services. Its new feature, the Performance Max campaigns, has now been opened to all marketers worldwide. Here’s what SEO experts need to get more conversions using this new campaign type.

Online businesses and advertisers can use Performance Max campaigns for purchasing and optimising ads on Search, Gmail, YouTube, Display, and Google Maps.

Last year, this campaign type debuted as a supplement to keyword-based Google Search campaigns in beta status. Google is expanding Performance Max campaigns to all advertisers worldwide in response to the beta’s success.

Read on to learn more about how this campaign type works and make the most of it.

Google Ads Performance Max Campaign

Businesses may now buy and optimise advertisements on Discover, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps using a Performance Max campaign. By promoting oneself across all SEO Google Ads inventory, businesses can encourage more consumers and conversions with this campaign type.

Performance Max allows you to accomplish your objectives in four key areas:

  1. Gain richer insights – The Insights page contains data on Performance Max campaigns.
  2. Boost conversions and value – One can capitalise on conversion opportunities in real time using automated bid adjustments.
  3. Find new customers – Google’s real-time understanding of behaviour, user intent, and context allows SEOs to target new potential customers using relevant advertisements.
  4. Work together with automation – Online businesses can drive better results by giving high-quality creative assets and information about which visitors are most likely to convert.

According to Google, advertisers who utilise Performance Max campaigns in their accounts see an average 13% overall increase in conversions at the same cost per action.

Performance Max for local businesses and merchants is a new feature that allows them to bid on ad inventory and formats that aren’t accessible with Smart Shopping or Local campaigns.

Businesses may now run local campaigns on platforms like Search, Discover, and YouTube – something that they couldn’t do previously.

Google’s Smart Shopping and Local campaigns are being discontinued because Performance Max throttle is a far superior alternative for online businesses and retailers.

Google gave several tips for getting the most out of Performance Max campaigns. Below are the five best practices from Google.

Identify goals

Companies should decide which objectives are most important to their business and adjust their campaign to meet them. According to Google Ads Help, it is critical to determine the objectives that Performance Max campaigns should focus on and report on the conversions that significantly affect the business. Doing so enables the campaign to reach all conversion rates, whether they increase online and offline sales or generate leads.

One should also aim to define conversion values that reflect the relative importance of the business’s objectives. This allows Performance Max to prioritise conversions based on their business value. They can use offline conversion imports to share this information with Google Ads and more appropriately optimise their campaigns for these final sales if many of their purchases are made offline. Lead gen advertisers should indicate the leads resulting in sales to drive better leads across channels.

Set the right bidding strategy

One can set the best bidding strategies using several options:

  • Smart Bidding – SEOs can automatically set bids depending on their goals. This allows them to drive the best results based on their marketing budget.
  • Maximise conversion value – Online businesses can drive as much conversion value as possible within their budget.
  • Maximise conversions – They can drive as many conversions as possible. This feature is perfect for SEOs who do not track values and care about their conversions equally. It also has the option to include a specific CPA target.

Keep final URL expansion on

Final URL Expansion is a new feature that will help online businesses to discover new, converting search queries that some keyword-based Search campaigns may have missed. Performance Max campaigns will use relevant landing pages on websites to dynamically customise ads headlines and suit relevant queries. It will not match search queries that exactly match Search campaign keywords. Instead, it will serve in other auctions with higher Ad Rank to deliver incremental value.

Upload various creative assets

Online businesses may engage consumers with relevant ad experiences across various channels by combining Performance Max with Search campaigns. They can organise assets by similar or unifying themes in the asset groups, like with ad groups in other campaign types. SEOs should give a wide range of text, image, and video content as much as they can. Doing so will allow automation to perform better with various assets to get better combinations. Performance Max can also automatically create a high-quality video using current assets if the business doesn’t have one.

Add audience signals

Audience signals give important information to automation, boosting the campaign and optimising performance faster. It also helps online businesses find new customer segments that they might not be aware of. Some of the best and most helpful audience signals are the business’s data, including Customer Match, website visitors, custom segments and other relevant information.

Next Features In Performance Max

Google will release new features in Performance Max for retailers and organisations with physical stores shortly. The new capabilities will allow companies to focus their marketing efforts only on the acquisition of new clients.

Businesses with a local inventory feed can see new Search and Maps ad formats developed exclusively by their products to boost foot traffic to their shops.

Google wants to invest in Performance Max and improve its automation technology to help companies achieve greater results.

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