Google Announces A Partnership With GoDaddy

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Many professional SEO marketing agencies use GoDaddy as their web host and domain registrar. Google recently announced that they are teaming up with GoDaddy to help online businesses and site owners improve their SEO marketing strategies and reach a bigger crowd of potential customers.

The search engine company published the announcement in their blog, emphasising that merchants can easily have a stronger presence in the search results in "just a few clicks".

With over 20 million clients, GoDaddy offers a wide variety of services for all marketers and eCommerce merchants, including WordPress, website building, domain-based emails, web security, and hosting.

What Does The Partnership Involve?

The partnership aims to help the merchants get more brand visibility, allowing more potential customers to find them on Google Shopping Search, Image Search, and YouTube. Moreover, GoDaddy merchants can add products to Google from their online store. They can also make their items eligible for free listing or promote them via a Smart Shopping campaign.

GoDaddy also recently published a press release to clarify that users who create their first Smart Shopping campaign will be eligible for £108.54 worth of ad credit from Google.

Who Benefits From The Partnership?

GoDaddy's website did not specify any limitations regarding which merchants can benefit from their partnership with Google.

Merchants who have existing shopping campaigns will not be eligible for Google's ad credits. However, current and new GoDaddy customers can easily connect to Google products since more relevant websites are visible. With this partnership, online companies can also get increased traffic and sales.

SEO marketers and online businesses are not the only ones who can gain advantages. Google stated that they want their shoppers to get more choices when finding unique products from start-ups and new brands. Nevertheless, lesser-known companies will need to build strong trust signals to encourage clients to purchase from their shops. Although it is easy for merchants to easily access Google products, they will still have to continue fostering relationships with potential customers to turn them into paying clients.

A Beautiful Friendship

The partnership aims to make online merchants more visible in search results and provide Google users with more shopping choices.

GoDaddy's Vice President of Commerce Products Greg Goldfarb said that the partnership with Google would simplify promoting an eCommerce presence across Google surfaces. It will also jumpstart sales momentum by getting the most out of automated advertising solutions.

Google's Director of Channel Partnerships, Adrian Maharaj, said that partnering with GoDaddy will give professional SEO marketing agencies and online businesses more ways to get discovered across Google search.

GoDaddy Merchants May Not Be Able To Move Sites To Another Provider

If online businesses and marketers build a new site with GoDaddy, they must note that they won't be able to transfer it to another hosting provider in the future. This is no secret to the SEO community, as Google and GoDaddy are very clear on this matter. They have announced that if website owners and publishers build the site using the Website Builder, they cannot "take the website with them".

However, if they create their GoDaddy website using WordPress, they can download their files and install them using another hosting provider.

Advantages Of Using GoDaddy

GoDaddy has become popular for being the largest web hosting provider and for their domain name registration services. Many SEOs have trusted them since they have established an excellent reputation in the industry over the years. However, as a major player, they have become a subject to criticism to some SEOs and businesses. Although they may not be the perfect choice for some site owners, GoDaddy has made recent improvements to their products and services, including web hosting plans, which make them worth considering.

Below are some of the advantages that one can gain from using GoDaddy:

  • They are the largest domain name registrar
  • They allow one to host an unlimited number of websites, except Economy plan users
  • They have a wide variety of services available
  • They offer frequent special offer discounts
  • cPanel and Plesk Control Panel interfaces
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Clients can choose Windows or Linux hosting

GoDaddy is also feasible for managing many domain names and is perfect for start-ups and beginners. Moreover, users can manage their domains and site from the same interface, and beginners can choose from a huge selection of site plans and web hosting.

GoDaddy And Google Promote Free Listings

It has been announced in the previous months that Google aims to make shopping ads free in several countries by mid-October. This move means that SEO marketing agencies and online businesses can soon run free listings in the Shopping Tab across multiple countries.

The search engine company has made this decision due to the financial crisis that the pandemic caused, resulting in numerous businesses that cannot afford Google Shopping listings.

Nevertheless, the economy continues to strive, and consumers who prefer to shop online are increasing by the minute. These potential buyers are not just searching for essentials but also apparel, home goods, and toys. There is a great demand for products and services, but very few businesses can afford to reconnect with their potential clients.

Free listings benefit marketers and retailers, as well as people who have become more interested in online shopping than buying from local stores. With this new partnership, online businesses and marketers can sign up for free listings more easily.

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