Google Announces New AI Updates

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Google’s new SEO updates included changes to the search engine’s AI, which are seen to affect how websites are ranked. A few of these Google SEO updates have already been implemented, while the rest will be released by the end of 2020.

One of their biggest updates, Google BERT, is already implemented for every search query that users make. BERT is a technique for Natural Language Processing (NLP) that improves Google’s way of understanding the intent of a search query.

When the company announced its BERT update, they said that it would only be used in 10% of the search queries, especially for longer questions from users. But moving forward, BERT will affect almost every English language search query on Google.

They also announced changes in their spelling algorithm to help the search engine understand misspelt words typed in by users. According to them, it is one of the biggest updates they have made in their spelling algorithm in five years.

They are also making a highly visible change to Google’s Search Engine Results Pages by indexing the passages in webpages, and not just the webpage itself.

In essence, an individual passage from a web page can also be treated as a webpage when returning a search question, and this will affect 7% of the search queries across all languages on Google. With this new update, the search engine can show users answers that are found deep within the content.

However, when diagnosing traffic, SEOs are advised to check the differences between desktop and mobile devices as they have different patterns when it comes to search behaviour related to the passage indexing algorithm.

Aside from passages, Google also made updates on subtopics, which will have a significant effect on how search queries are ranked.

For instance, the key phrase “home exercise equipment” is quite vague and may have different meanings to different users. Likewise, when typing in the word “jaguar”, the search engine could show different results, referring to the animal, the car, or the football team.

This new subtopic update will make it difficult for high-traffic broad keyword searches to rank. However, it can be a huge advantage for website owners that optimise specific subtopics. So, for broad topics like these, SEOs should make sure that their subtopic webpages are properly optimised.

The subtopic ranking update will be implemented by the end of this year to show Google users a wider range of content and help them find the right answer they are looking for.

As for video content, Google SEO confirms that it will affect 10% of the search queries, which is a game-changer that may force many SEOs and webmasters to use videos in their content. In this update, Google will use its AI to understand the different passages within videos.

Instead of ranking whole videos about a specific topic, Google will assign a tag to each video section, describing its content and redirecting users to these videos. This update makes it much easier for Google to understand video content per section.

Lastly, websites that sell statistical reports or rank for statistical information may benefit from Google’s new update regarding stats. This update bypasses webpages, showing the statistics directly in the search result so that users can quickly get answers to their questions.

For business websites looking to earn high rankings on Google, new SEO updates should be taken seriously. How well a business adapts to Google’s updates can make break their website’s rankings, and this can have a significant impact on their traffic and sales.

With that said, keeping up with Google’s regular changes should be no problem for seasoned SEO specialists.

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