Google Announces New Experimental Feature On Search Results

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Google is developing a new function that lets the user view search results without clicking back to the search results page after visiting a website. The objective of this feature is for consumers to be able to compare search results and conveniently switch away from a web page and go to another site. This new feature is huge and could potentially affect even the best Google SEO strategies that online businesses and publishers currently use. However, how it will impact the Google SEO of today remains to be seen.

Google’s new experimental feature involves a side panel search, which is one of two test projects that make their search engine results pages (SERPs) persistent.

Both experiments provide evidence that Google is progressing toward a more persistent style of search experience, which allows the search results pages to be viewable for longer and available even when a user is browsing a website. The experimental side panel search results aids in the navigation away from a web page to a competitor’s website.

There have been two search tests revealed: the Google Journeys and the Side Panel Search.

Google Journeys

The first experiment is named Journeys. The functionality merges previous search queries on a similar subject and organises them into a single collection. The function is comparable to a historical record of past searches; however, they are organised by topic, making it easier to discover related searches relevant to a topic. The objective is to make research simple for Google users.

Clustering web pages is how Google describes it. For example, suppose a user has been looking into a trip to Yosemite for the past several weeks. In that case, Journeys will group all of the sites they have visited regarding Yosemite, so they can quickly access them without searching through their history. They will also see related search suggestions so they can continue making plans for the trip.

The data is not sent back to Google; it’s just saved locally. According to Google, they may consider expanding it in future versions so that the Journeys can be used on a variety of platforms.

Google Side Panel Search

The second experimental feature is a three-step procedure that begins with a typical Google search and a click to a website.

The third part is a side panel that flips open on the left to show the user’s previous search results. A user may scroll up and down through the search results from within the Chrome browser side panel while staying on the web page they’re viewing. Users can click from the sidebar and proceed to another website if they like another search result more.

Google’s new experimental features allow its users to easily return to Google SERPs. Thanks to this new feature, it removes the need to click a back button when going back to Google’s search results. Users can easily compare the page they are on to other pages in the search results and switch back and forth between them thanks to side panel searching.

Google Side Panel For Persistent Search Results

The new experimental functionality, according to Google, is intended to help people compare search results. To make it easier to compare search results and discover what the user is searching for faster in Chrome OS Dev Channel, they’re testing a new side panel that allows readers to look at a page while also seeing the search results.

This feature allows users to view a web page in their main browser window without going back and forth or losing their search results. The purpose of this test is to see how much Chrome could improve the comparison process for users.

Google recently released screenshots from their experimental testing, with one illustrating a user’s visit to a web page. In the persistent search, Google’s “G” logo will activate the side panel search results.

Another image showed how the Google search results for the side panel appear. On the left is Google’s persistent search results, while on the left are the websites the users are viewing.

When Will The New Features Be Rolled Out?

The Chrome extension, Journeys, is slowly being released to Canary, Chrome’s experimental version. On the other hand, the search function on the side panel will be made available in the Chrome OS Dev channel. It also promises that if it expands to additional operating systems, it will be search engine agnostic, which will work with the user’s preferred search engine.

Persistent Google Search Results

Users’ search habits will change more as Google introduces persistent search. Instead of leaving Google’s SERPs after clicking away to a website, the search results are maintained in a side panel or collected together by topic in a Journeys panel.

The side panel search may be beneficial for sites ranked lower than the top spot and could help distribute traffic around.

Whether it makes users less likely to stick around on a website and explore is yet to be seen as this functionality is still being tested. There’s no telling how this will affect user behaviour since there is no data for reference right now.

Google is always trying out new things, especially in the realm of search results. After all, Google is the most popular Internet search engine globally, with billions of searches conducted every day by users. However, many people may find Google’s continual modification and improvement of its search engine to be a source of frustration.

With new features from Google, online businesses and site owners should always use up-to-date methods to ensure that they are one step ahead of their competitors.

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