Google Announces New Features To Help Advertisers With App Campaigns

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App advertising is a huge aspect of SEO marketing, and many SEO marketing consultants heavily rely on several Google tools that can make their marketing campaigns more seamless.

Google conducted research that showed that 63 per cent of their consumers would look for the best app experiences even after stores reopen. They also found out that 75 per cent of consumers opt to buy from brands with apps that make transactions as quick as possible.

The search engine company aims to help SEO marketers and app advertisers by creating new app features that allow them to reach a wider audience and optimise their app campaigns.

New: Deliver App Ads On Desktop

In the past, app campaigns were only shown on mobile, but today, they work on Google Play, YouTube, Search, Discover, and over 3 million websites and apps. Advertisers who target Android users can now reach their customers not only on mobile phones but also on desktops via the SERP’s desktop version and Google Display Network.

Although app advertisements are linked to the Google Play store desktop site, users can install the app directly on the devices connected to their Play account.

If advertisers are already promoting Android apps, they will automatically join the desktop in early June, so they do not have to do anything else to gain access to the new feature.

Afterwards, advertisers will be eligible to monitor the desktop performance within the device section, just like any other campaign.

Create Custom In-App Events In Google Analytics

Another feature that Google provides users is the ability to customise in-app events. In the past, people had to code and update their app with Firebase before they could make customised in-app events, such as order tracking after a customer completes their purchase.

With the new feature, Google announced that event creation and modification are now made possible in Google Analytics’ interface, and all these do not require any code updates.

Moreover, advertisers do not require developer assistance just to create new events or adjust existing ones. They can now create or change events within Google Analytics.

Deep Link Validator

Google’s app research showed that 74 per cent of the users indicated that they would stay loyal to a brand if the app is simple, easy to use, and provides an excellent user experience. Deep linking is an effective way to do just that.

With the new update, Google helps app advertisers implement deep links more easily. The search engine company announced the Deep Link Validator, a tool that allows advertisers and SEO marketing consultants to validate deep links for the mobile app.

Deep links have significant value for marketers and advertisers, as well as their users. Using deep links can result in higher retention, better user experience, and newer opportunities to engage users and boost site traffic to the app.

The tool can help advertisers understand any issues with the links and provide them with insights on possible solutions so that all the links are configured correctly.

It also allows the user to download or send reports for easier documentation. With this, it’s much more convenient for marketers to provide their stakeholders with important information. The tool can also help businesses and site owners make the necessary changes to their websites and apps.

How To Access The Deep Link Validator

SEO marketers and advertisers can access the Deep Link Validator in a few simple steps. Firstly, users can click on “Tools” in Google Ads. Next, look for the “App Advertising Hub” under “Planning”. There, one can find the Deep Link Validator on the menu.

As for app validation, SEOs just need to choose the app from the app picker, then select the “validate all links” option from the drop-down menu and click on “validate”. Afterwards, the scan will analyse all the deep links within the app and conduct relevant checks on every URL.

Deep Link Impact Calculator

Another great tool is the Deep Link Impact Calculator, which lists missing URLs that advertisers and SEO marketers may want to implement as deep links. This Google tool can be used to:

  • Identify links that should be implemented as Universal Links (iOS) and App Links (Android) within the app.
  • Determine the current spend coverage on mobile traffic.
  • Look for missed opportunities and measure the conversion rate that one can get if they implement the missing deep links.
  • Download or send reports that can make documentations much easier
  • Share significant information with relevant stakeholders.

How To Access The Deep Link Impact Calculator

To access the Deep Link Impact Calculator, SEO marketers and advertisers can click on “Tools” in Google Ads, then click on the “App Advertising Hub” under “Planning”. There, one can find the Deep Link Impact Calculator in the menu.

Deep Linked Data-Driven Attribution

Google also announced a new data-driven attribution (DDA) that can help advertisers and SEO marketers with their deep linked campaigns. It can also assist them in gaining a deeper understanding of how specific mobile web ad clicks can compel buyers to complete purchases within the app itself. This, in turn, leads to enhanced decision-making for web-based campaigns.

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