Google Business Messaging Is Now Available For Desktop

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The GMB Business Messaging function is now rolling out on desktops, and many Google SEO specialists can expect to have an easier time with their SEO tasks. This feature is seen to be highly beneficial to SEO specialists, especially since there has been an uptick in zero-click searches and increased customer expectations for brand responsiveness.

Some users may not find any Messages in their Google My Business (GMB) desktop dashboard, but it has been announced that the feature will launch in all account holders’ apps, as soon as March 2021.

Webmasters and SEO experts looking to take advantage of the improvements in GMB Messaging will have to be careful not to ignore Google guidelines and work hard to meet the expectations of the brands that use it.

How To Opt Into GMB Messaging

In June 2020, Google officially announced to the public that they were expanding their Business Messaging service to mobile users. They also reported that they were experimenting with different ways to highlight the tool on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Currently, the GMB Messaging feature is not available to everyone yet. Account holders need to wait for the rollout to be completed by the end of March. Those who have an account in Google My Business need to opt into the service in a process that can be accomplished in just a few steps. Furthermore, it and can be reverted at any time with just a click.

After the rollout of the newly updated GMB feature, SEO experts can receive messages via their GMB account. They can also automate their initial response to match their brand voice, as well as converse and interact with potential customers using the tool. Moreover, account holders can easily track and reply to messages and even export conversations if they find it necessary.

Google Can Revoke Business Messaging

Google warns SEO specialists to reply to their messages within 24 hours as Google may revoke their access to the tool. The search engine company states that the reason for this is to force account holders to respond to their customers as soon as possible. By doing so, they can preserve a positive customer experience. Auto-response welcome messages are not included in their response time and date, so account holders need to be mindful about responding quickly to customers.

When receiving illegitimate messages, account holders can simply mark them as spam so that they will not affect their response time and rate.

With Business Messaging being accessible on desktops, account holders can have an easier time responding to messages since they can keep the platform open during the workday and respond to messages instantly upon receiving.

If they fail to reply to messages in a timely manner, and Google revokes their access, account holders can just opt into the tool again. Losing access to the tool is not a huge problem, but it can be quite inconvenient.

Control Offensive or Illegitimate Messages

With the new function, some account holders can block messages from users that continuously send spam and offensive messages through Business Messaging.

Additional Features

Once the new feature has been enabled, Google SEO specialists can see other buttons on their dashboards, such as “Request A Booking” or “Get A Quote”. Google has yet to specify which categories these functions will be available on, so the SEO community will have to wait for more announcements.

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