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Businesses nowadays try all sorts of ways to become more relevant to their market and environmentally friendly for users. This is why Google announced that it is adding a new recycling attribute label to its Google Business Profiles. This attribute can be used by businesses to improve their visibility on local search SEO results. This sets them apart as an environmentally friendly business, leveraging the power of local SEO for enhanced visibility.

Google announced that it added a new recycling attribute label to its Google Business Profiles. This attribute can highlight whether or not a business offers recycling services for its customers.

According to Google, this latest update to business profiles will make it easier for people to find nearby recycling points. The new attribute label, “recycling”, will be displayed on business profiles that offer recycling services. This is just one of the many updates that Google has made to business profiles in recent months.

Users may find examples of this new attribute by searching for queries like “battery recycling near me”. This information is displayed on the business profile and includes the types of materials that the business recycles.

Reasons to Utilise Google Business Profiles for Local SEO

Claiming and optimising one’s Google Business Profile is among the most effective local SEO tactics any eligible business can use to rank higher on the search engine results pages and attract clients in the area.

However, setting up a Google Business Profile is just the first step – businesses must optimise, frequently check, and update their Business Profile with new information for optimal local SEO search visibility. One way to do this is to add a recycling attribute label on their profile.

Maintaining a Google Business Profile is important for any business’ success. According to Ipsos Research, a Google Business Profile that is up to date can aid companies in better understanding and targeting their customers. Moreover, good Google Business Profiles are:

  • 2.7x more likely to be considered more reputable.
  • 70% more likely to attract location visits.
  • getting 7x more clicks.
  • 50% more likely to result in a purchase.

Many businesses are also unaware that Google and any user may modify their Business Profile, such as your address, opening hours, opinions, photo uploads, etc.

So, business managers must check their Google Business Profile regularly to ensure that no errors were made on their profile.

Adhering to Google’s Guidelines

With a Google Business Profile, businesses are expected to adhere to Google’s guidelines and policies. Failure to adhere to Google’s strict guidelines for business profiles can lead to suspension.

That being said, a Google Business Profile does not belong to the business but to the community of customers and clients. This is because anyone online can contribute to the Business Profile.

In line with this, user-generated content, such as reviews, updates, images, videos, Q&As, and others, is favoured by Google. Hence, it’s crucial to check that business profiles only contain accurate material.

How to Add the Recycling Attribute Label to a Google Business Profile

The new attribute may be added to any local company profile by visiting the account and selecting the information tab. Then, under Attributes, choose Recycling.

However, if it isn’t there, the company’s category does not support it.

Some reminders:

  • Certain attributes are limited to certain countries or regions, or business types. For example, there might be attribute options for acceptable payment types, accessibility features, or if the business is LGBTQ+ friendly.
  • Attribute labels might change over time to reflect how people search for businesses, but one thing that always remains the same is the importance of recycling. That’s why Google has added a new recycling attribute to its business profiles.

Why this Update Matters

Any label or icon added to Google Maps and Google Search local listings can help improve click-through rates and potential traffic, customers and sales to any business.

Thus, ensuring that the business recycling attribute is included in one’s local Google business profile is important. This will help customers know that a business participates in recycling and helps make it easier to find recycling-friendly businesses nearby.

Improve Your Google Business Profile with a New Recycling Attribute Label

Businesses that want to improve their Google Business Profile should consider adding the new recycling attribute label, if applicable. This will help customers learn more about your company’s commitment to sustainability and the environment. This is not only good for your brand image, but it can also help attract new customers.

Local SEO campaigns are becoming increasingly important for small businesses aiming to increase their visibility in Google’s search results. If you’re not already taking advantage of this marketing strategy, it’s time to start! As such, a certified best local SEO strategy is adding a new recycling attribute to your Google My Business profile. This will help boost your business profile and show potential customers that you’re environmentally friendly.

Updates such as this allow businesses to showcase their unique features and stand out from the competition. Adding a recycling attribute label is a simple way to improve your Google Business Profile, so don’t wait any longer!

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