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Google’s Martin Splitt and Barry Schwartz of Rusty Brick recently tried to address the misconceptions related to Google’s relationship with various webmasters and SEO marketing agencies. This is due to the impression that Google is keeping the truth from SEO marketing experts or that there are other meanings behind the company’s public statements.

In a Youtube video, Splitt publicly stated that neither myths are true. Together with Schwartz, he explained Google’s side, discussing topics about how featured snippets affect traffic, the factors that make a high-quality website, Google’s way of communicating info to the SEO community, and more.

When the SEO community asks Google questions, they usually get the response “it depends”. Splitt first discusses what “it depends” really depends on by listing several factors that should be the basis when creating SEO marketing strategies.

For instance, SEO marketing experts should consider whether the website is new or moving to a different domain. The website’s server setup, speed, URL structure, and content are also some of the factors that should be taken into account. SEOs should also determine whether their content has plenty of competition or if there are any duplicates on their website.

Basically, Splitt says that “it depends” on a lot of things. He explains that everything on their side – the entire process or infrastructure – is large and complicated.

He also discussed featured snippets, as some publishers say that a reader does not need to click the links because they can already see the information they need on the page results.

Splitt thinks otherwise, saying featured snippets showing detailed information results in more qualified traffic. He said that Google’s goal is to minimise the amount of “zombie traffic” on websites while also connecting publishers and readers together.

Moreover, he said that publishers who usually complain about this issue tend to have low-quality content in the first place.

SEO agencies and other publishers also believe that AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are one of the factors that allow webpages to appear in the Top Stories carousel, even though Google had said several times that AMP is not a ranking factor. Schwartz explains how it really works once and for all.

He said that AMP is technically not a ranking factor for organic search results. Although, there are some articles that appear in the Top Stories due to AMP, which are higher than the organic blue links.

As for Google’s way of communicating with the SEO community, Splitt said that some people twist his words, thinking that his public statements are accompanied with some hidden meaning. However, Split reassures that this is not the case.

He goes on saying how difficult it is for Google to balance too much transparency and too little transparency.

If Google is overly transparent, the SEO community might misinterpret the statement or take it out of context. But if Google is not transparent enough, everyone will complain about the lack of information.

Nevertheless, Splitt said they intend to provide as much information as they can to SEO marketing agencies and website owners.

SEO experts are always on the lookout for efficient and up-to-date SEO strategies to keep up with Google’s algorithm. Overlooking this will result in consequences, such as a decrease in your website’s ranking and, eventually, loss of your brand’s reputation and credibility.

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