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In a Webmaster Central hangout, Google’s John Mueller explained to local SEO companies how link algorithms work. With his explanation, providers of local SEO services will now hopefully have a better understanding of when link algorithms are updated and how long it takes links to take effect in Google.

Google has announced some huge core updates to the public recently. Because of this, a person sent a question concerning the updates, wondering if there were parts of the linking algorithm that have been updated as well.

John Mueller replied to the question by first explaining what the “core algorithm” is. He also goes on to explain that it does not consist of only one, huge core algorithm. Rather, it includes a lot of different algorithms.

With that said, Mueller said that the definition of a core algorithm update is somewhat “vague”. He compared it to a one, big piece of machinery, and he said that changing a single screw somewhere does not make it a core algorithm update.

Afterwards, he explains what really happens during a core algorithm update. For it to be considered a core algorithm update, he said that Google must make massive changes across many different algorithms or a significant change in “interpretations” – with the latter being referenced to how a given signal is emphasised.

By looking at a core algorithm update from this point of view, the company can’t say that the way they are handling links does not change or always changes.

Next, Mueller explains that although certain changes can happen during core algorithm updates from time to time, it does not necessarily mean that they are limited to just that. He said that such changes could happen at basically any time.

Google algorithms are a complicated system that retrieve data from the search index, making it possible to give the best answer to all types of queries from users. In the past, Google made only several updates to their algorithms, but now, they make thousands of changes each year.

Afterwards, he discusses how long it takes links to affect a website’s rankings, explaining how they are processed into the search ranking. Some local SEO companies believe that it takes a long time for a link to take effect, usually within a few days, or worse, a few months.

However, Mueller says that Google’s way of processing links is continuous. This does not mean that there is a specific time frame one should wait for just to see the links take effect. Instead, Google takes these links into account immediately after seeing it on the Internet.

A lot of people in the SEO community were surprised to hear Mueller confirming that these links do take effect immediately when they have experienced waiting for weeks or months before they could see a significant change on their websites’ rankings.

But this might have happened because it usually takes more than ten links before they could see a huge change in their rankings.

There are a lot of SEO tasks that a business owner must do for their website to thrive on the Internet. One of these tasks is to stay up-to-date with Google’s latest algorithms and adapt your SEO strategy accordingly.

If you’re not sure how to handle this task, it is best that you find affordable and efficient local SEO services instead of trying to go about it alone. Doing so will free up a lot of time for you to focus instead on major corporate tasks while your chosen SEO agency builds your online presence for you.

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