Google Improves Search Results for Hot Search Queries

how does Google improve SEO results

Google has announced that it is making some changes to how its search engine handles hot search queries. The company says that it will now display the most relevant SEO results for these queries as soon as they become available, rather than waiting until the entire index has been updated. This change is likely to be well-received by the SEO community. It will ensure that the most relevant results are displayed quickly.

The update will help searchers find the most relevant information and websites faster. This change aims to provide more accurate and timely information to users searching for current events and hot topics.

Google has introduced two new features for US-based and English-language searchers. These features allow people to analyse information within Google Search and check the validity of sources and claims on listings.

One function displays a highly cited label in the Top Stories results, while the other is a modification to the about this result section for topics in development.

Highly Cited Label

Google is preparing to debut a new “highly cited label” in the US English search results on Top Stories in Google’s mobile search results.

This label will assist users in finding stories that other news organisations have frequently referenced.

This is a tool that Google will use to elevate first-party content, as previously announced in 2019. This label will assure searchers that the story has been covered by many other publications, making it likely to have unique and helpful information.

According to Google,  this aids in discovering the most useful or relevant information for a news story.

According to a Google spokesperson, this label continues the search firm’s commitment to the Fact Check Explorer.

Google’s Fact Check Tools

Google has launched a new set of tools, called the Fact Check Tools, to make it easier for fact-checkers, journalists and researchers to verify the information.

The Fact Check Tools consist of the Fact Check Explorer and the Fact Check Markup Tool.

Fact Check Explorer: This tool allows users to search and browse fact checks quickly. For example, a user may look for a politician’s statement or a subject. They may also filter results to only include the most reliable publishers. Depending on what is inputted, users may be given a list of claims and corresponding fact checks.

The keywords used can be anything from a specific topic to an entire quote from a politician. This new development from Google is another way to ensure that people have the most accurate information at their fingertips.

Fact Check Markup Tool: Publishers may use markup to publish fact check articles. This structured data comes in the form of a claim, such as what was being investigated, who made the statement, etc.

Attaching ClaimReview to a fact check article allows search engines to recognise it as a fact check article and rank it highly in search results and other platforms.

ClaimReview is an extensible open ecosystem that allows any publisher to add ClaimReview markup to a fact-checking piece.

How to Get this Label

Google said it was about who gets linked across the internet and which stories get the most cited.

In general, Google looks at two factors when deciding which websites to rank: the number of other websites that link to it and the number of times those websites are cited.

This means that if a website has a lot of links from other reputable websites, it is more likely to rank highly on Google. Similarly, if a website is cited frequently by other websites, it is more likely to achieve a high ranking. By taking these factors into account, Google can surface the most relevant and popular websites for each search term.

How this Applies to Rapidly Evolving Topics

Google also utilises this result element to inform searchers about the potential concerns with search results linked to a topic or breaking news story that is rapidly developing. When a query’s topic is still in development, Google will show a notification that says, “it appears these results are changing quickly”.

Google provides instructions on checking the source of the answer and encourages searchers to return later in a few hours as the search engine determines the most appropriate results to rank for such queries.

Google is also offering information literacy tips and a link to a new resource page with best practices for assessing data credibility. Google also reminds the searcher that they may verify the trustworthiness of a source on a subject or come back later when additional information becomes available.

What this Means for Websites

A website’s presence in Google search results may be affected by these features and labels. A story labelled as “highly-cited” is more likely to generate a higher click-through rate than a story without the label. Also, for those reporting on breaking news about a particular topic, there’s a chance that they’ll receive less traffic if Google sends out a notice to searchers that they should come back later.

Optimise Your Website for Hot Search Queries with the New Google Update

Website owners who post information on what Google considers “hot topics” will want to ensure that their content is of high quality and appropriately cites sources. That way, site owners can ensure that their website appears as a top result in Google SEO results and that users can trust the information they are getting from.

To establish authority and relevance, websites need to observe SEO best practices, including link building, which is an important factor in ranking in Google searches.

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