Google Launches A Two-Part Core Algorithm Update

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SEO agencies waited as Google launched their broad core algorithm update early in June 2021. Top SEO agencies are also looking forward to another core update, which will launch shortly next month.

The original plan was to include more into this month’s core algorithm update. However, Google could not make enough preparations to launch everything on time; hence, they will release the rest of the core algorithm update in July 2021.

It is rare for the search engine company to release separate major updates in close succession. Despite this, Google stated that the majority of websites probably would not feel the effect of either of the two updates, just like the previous core updates it has released in the past. Most of the time, it takes several weeks for a core update to roll out fully and for the SEO community to notice any changes.

Some SEOs are quick to panic as soon as their website experiences adverse effects from new core algorithm updates. Nevertheless, Google’s advice on recovering is still the same.

Google’s Danny Sullivan stated that any core update could either boost or drop the rankings of some content, and everybody will undergo different experiences. However, because of the two-part nature of their latest core algorithm update, he said that people would only notice a slight change in their content rankings, which will perhaps reverse in July.

In other words, it is too quick to celebrate if one sees positive changes in their site traffic or rankings, and the same goes for SEOs who might be currently experiencing negative results. Businesses and webmasters must wait for the full core algorithm update to release before seeing the full results.

Sullivan also reminded the SEO community that their core algorithm updates are not site-specific. He encouraged those who want their sites to perform well generally with core updates and search results to read Google’s blog for the best SEO guidance.

Sullivan linked his tweet to Google’s blog, where they explain why core algorithm updates are necessary and how everything works. The blog also reminded webmasters and SEOs that the search engine company rolls out mini-updates thousands of times per year to improve the quality of the search results.

However, not all updates are equal. Core updates are more likely to significantly affect websites, making them a much bigger deal compared to the various minor updates that Google continuously rolls out.

The Difference Between A Core Algorithm Update And Other Updates

Google comes up with many updates focused on making specific categories of search results much better than before. One example is the recent update to search results for product reviews.

The thing that makes core updates distinct from other types of updates is that they involve large-scale improvements to Google Search. When Google releases a core algorithm update, it dramatically affects the search engine’s ranking processes. Instead of targeting specific categories of websites, these core updates target the search overall. And since this kind of update has a significant effect on all the websites, Google only rolls it out a few times a year.

For website owners affected by a core update, Sullivan said that it was not due to anything they have done. Instead, it was because Google changed how they evaluate content to meet their user’s expectations.

According to him, core updates have one goal: to increase the overall relevancy of the search results. When it comes to the traffic they send, it is largely a net exchange. Some websites might have a slight negative effect, while others might do well. But in the long run, core updates are Google’s way of improving their algorithm systems to provide their users with a better search engine and send more traffic to websites every year.

Moreover, just because a site’s ranking dropped after a core algorithm update does not necessarily mean that it is due to low-quality content, nor does it mean that the SEOs or webmaster did something wrong. Instead, it might just be that what was thought of as relevant before to searchers before may not be as relevant to them today.

Most of the time, updating existing content to make it more relevant to users can change a website’s rankings for the better. Although such positive changes are not entirely noticeable until the next core algorithm update, the website can still recover.

What To Do If The Core Update Negatively Affects A Website

Google is currently rolling out their June 2021 core update, but the search engine company is launching it in a way that no SEO agency has ever experienced before.

Their core algorithm update is currently rolling out, and they have confirmed that they will release another one for next month. This is the first time that a two-part core update has ever happened, so it is difficult to give much advice to online businesses and website owners until Google rolls out everything.

Instead of hastily reacting to any changes from the recent update, it may be better to look forward to next month’s core update instead and to just focus on making any possible improvements in the meantime.

People also shouldn’t forget about the page experience update, which will launch in mid-June, making this one of the most chaotic months so far for SEOs.

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