Google Predicts Four Permanent Pandemic Changes

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SEO consultants and webmasters have strived their best to keep their SEO up to par during the pandemic. However, Google tells expert SEO consultants that a lot of companies have changed their ways of doing business, and these strategies are here to stay – even after the pandemic.

According to Google, there are four changes that will become permanent: using real-time tracking insights for faster response to customers, working from home, hosting virtual events, and offering customers more convenient ways to shop online.

Google is confident that these four things will stay and that all SEO marketers should update their strategies during and after the pandemic. Business is expected to return to normal after the pandemic, but the search engine giant reassures people that these consumer-friendly shifts will not be forgotten.

Firstly, Google believes that businesses will respond to customers more quickly with real-time tracking insights. Due to the evolving consumer habits during the pandemic, SEO consultants and businesses were forced to be better at tracking real-time insights to respond to their customers. According to Google’s data, buyers were mostly turning to Google to see which shops have the items they want in stock before going out to their local store to make their purchases.

People also limited themselves from going out to buy food, which is why there was an increasing number of keyphrase queries like “can you freeze” and “home delivery”. They were also more inclined to spend less on nonessential products.

Consumers also sought out alternatives for things that they normally depended on but were taken away by the pandemic. For instance, when gyms were forced to close, a large number of people turned to fitness apps. People also sought friends online via apps and did more and more social activities virtually. The number of queries for online watch parties, for example, rose significantly.

According to Google, companies need to respond better to these rapid changes in customer behaviour. The search engine giant said that businesses had to create real-time insights tracking and establish new business processes to keep up with the trends.

Secondly, Google predicts that working from home will continue even after the pandemic. Search and shopping data suggests that people were attracted to spending more time doing what they like at home and spending less in their daily commute to work. This means that companies should find ways to improve meeting the basic needs of their employees and plan to foster a more resilient workforce.

Thirdly, Google predicts that virtual events are here to stay. Although live events will eventually return, Google believes they will look different. As people have already experienced the convenience of attending events in the comforts of their own homes, marketers should implement much more enticing campaigns to attract people. Nevertheless, Google still recommends hosting events as a digital setting is not suitable for all occasions.

Lastly, ecommerce SEO will significantly change after the pandemic as online shopping is now the norm. Google said that the shopping activity during the pandemic dramatically increased, especially for items that people usually do not buy online. Brick-and-mortar businesses also had to adjust, offering options like curbside pickup and local deliveries. These convenient shopping habits, according to Google, will likely stay even post-pandemic.

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