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How Important Are Google SEO Strategies In The Marketing Industry

Do you need to take steps to improve your Google SEO? The importance of appearing on the first page of the Search Engine results cannot be underestimated, especially when the search engine in question is Google.

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day, handling on average over 40,000 search queries every second! Most prospective customers find their business of choice via a quick search online. By appearing on the first page of Google, you’re opening your business up to a huge network of customers, and an unrivalled stream of revenue.

However, to rank highly on Google, you need to adapt your website to the unique optimisation requirements the search engine has laid down. And while this might be overwhelming for first-time entrepreneurs, we at Position1SEO have leveraged our considerable experience to help businesses just like yours gain a steady stream of organic traffic and customers.

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If you’d like expert advice on getting your Google SEO strategy right from the word go, feel free to get in touch with our highly capable team today!

Many companies today have started investing more time and effort in harnessing the power of Google SEO to benefit their business. You’ve probably heard about it before, but what exactly is the big deal? How effective is it and who can use it? Position1SEO is here to shed some light on the topic and discuss the huge advantages of optimising your website.

The Transition To Digital Marketing

The world has experienced a shift from print to digital, causing many traditional media platforms to become obsolete. People with questions used to visit the nearest public library to look up the answers to their queries.

Today, search engines like Google are now everyone’s main source of information. With just a few taps, you can learn just about anything you can imagine. The process is fast, simple, and can be done on any smart device. That’s given rise to the universal answer to any query: “just Google it!”

Of course, marketing will always flourish where the most people are looking. Almost 3.5 billion searches are performed every day on Google. As people are constantly on the look-out for answers or solutions – whether in the form of information, a product or a service – business owners have found the mother lode of opportunities. Firms have started making online catalogues and hosting discussion boards about their goods, accessible to anyone on the Internet.

It is indeed the age of information, but you might say that we’re on the brink of information overload. The Internet is teeming with countless businesses, all trying to make their offers visible.

How does Google respond to this? Much like a card catalogue in a library, Google indexes websites to make sure users are directed to pages relevant to the users’ search terms. From this, they’ve developed a complex system of ranking search results, which is known as an algorithm. This is where SEO comes into play.

Marketing Using SEO

There are millions of search results for every single query. This becomes a global race to the top to get maximum exposure.

Luckily, there is an effective way to get your business onto the first page of results – Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short. SEO consists of many different processes that, combined, aim to enable your website to appear on the search engine results pages, or SERPs, and to progress to higher rankings.

There are many different aspects to SEO. In terms of your website content, the process mainly consists of utilising special keywords to let Google know what your website is about, amongst other things.

SEO applies to all different types of content, with blog posts and articles being some of the most commonly published. SEO can also be applied to more visually engaging media such as videos and images.

Not only that, but you can even make use of Google Maps SEO to make your physical business address more visible to potential customers!

But just how beneficial is it to optimise your website with SEO? Here are some of the top advantages you can expect when hiring an SEO expert.

Advantage One: More Website Visitors

If you manage a website, some of your key metrics include daily traffic and page visits. Your targets can be achieved by optimising your websites for search engines and, in turn, increasing your visibility and online presence.

Advantage Two: More Customers

The best SEO professionals won’t stop at giving your business website more exposure. To attract actual, paying customers who are genuinely looking for products and services, they can create enticing, useful content for your target audience and promote your market offering in the process.

Advantage Three: Beat Your Competitors

With the growing significance of Google MyBusiness SEO, your competitors will most likely use the same keywords and publish the same type of content as you do. With SEO, you will have the opportunity to enter the playing field, surpass the competition, and eventually gain more share of your niche market.

So SEO attracts more and better prospects and faces your competition head on. You may ask: “how is it any different from other forms of digital advertising, like pay-per-click marketing?” According to case studies, SEO actually outperforms paid ads in various ways.

Organic results get more clicks than paid ads

Only 28 per cent of searches lead to paid ads, even if they do appear on the SERP before the organic results. This means the rest of all users visit the pages presented by Google’s algorithm.Many searchers also skip the ad links intentionally, because organic results are seen as being more trustworthy and credible.

SEO doesn’t require ongoing costs

With paid search engine ads, you often have to pay for every click you get. For SEO, you may have to invest in content creation, keyword data analysis, and website optimisation, but there are no recurring or ongoing costs after the initial investment.

We Can Fast-Track Your SEO Progress!

Due to the massive improvements that they can offer for a business website, many companies have begun hiring Google certified SEO experts to ensure that they retain a competitive edge against other optimised pages. If you find the process too technical or simply want to climb the SERP ladder quicker, you can get the best results from the specialists at Position1SEO.

We are a team of SEO professionals, and we offer effective low-cost SEO packages. You can trust us to provide speedy results and break down improvements in detail to demonstrate the impact our work has made to your website.

Our services include integrating your marketing plans and executing them using SEO techniques to help reach targets. We can also keep track of your rankings and observe your competitors’ activities. Overall, we can be in charge of pretty much every aspect related to optimising your pages!

Before anything else, we can carry out an initial review of your current website status through the Google Search Console SEO Audit. Based on Google’s evaluations, we can make recommendations on how to best approach your circumstances, free of charge. Once we are all set up and ready to go, we will continue to base our conversion advice on Google’s audit and respond to any changes in Google’s algorithm.

Let our team at Position1SEO to take you to the top! Contact us now to arrange your free audit. Email us at or call our hotline on 0141 846 0114.


How does Google SEO work?

Search engine optimisation is a strategy used in digital marketing that aims to increase a brand’s or company’s visibility online. It works by using different tactics in order for your website to appear within the top search results on engines like Google.

Does Google use keywords for SEO?

When generating the web search ranking, Google doesn’t use the keywords meta tag. However, Google offers a product called Google Search Appliance that includes capabilities to match meta tags, which may include the keywords meta tag.

Why is Google SEO used?

Optimising for search engines is done to gain more traffic for websites as a way to increase qualified leads, conversion, and sales. This is achieved by appealing to customers who search for related keywords that are relevant to your site.

What are SEO techniques?

SEO can be categorised into two categories, namely White Hat and Black Hat SEO. White Hat methods make use of search engine-approved techniques and apply good design practices.

Meanwhile, methods that fall under Black Hat SEO include abusing the opportunities brought by SEO through “spamdexing.” These are liable to be penalised by Google.

What are SEO skills?

SEO skills are required to successfully implement SEO techniques. They focus on a thorough knowledge of SEO concepts and being able to generate applications for specific websites.

Search engine optimisation can be done through unpaid methods (i.e., not paid-for advertising), so the traffic is categorised as “organic”. If you currently do not have employees who are well-versed in managing your SEO campaigns, there are many firms out there that offer Google SEO services.

Is SEO important?

SEO has been a significant player in Internet terms for about fifteen years or more already. Over this time, it has made significant contributions to the success of websites.

Organic traffic continues to grow its worth in the market, and its value to websites is expected to follow this trend. Given this, it is highly recommended that you optimise your webpages for SEO.

How do you rank first on Google?

  • Get a good grasp of the market and find your niche
  • Decide on keywords that are commonly used and relevant to your website
  • Create fresh content on your site, the more the better
  • Showcase your keywords in all of your content
  • Promote links to your site

What are SEO keywords?

These are themes and topics that encapsulate your content. These phrases are definitive or associated with what your website offers. These are then matched to the words that users type in search engines. Your website will show up accordingly to the search results when a user enters your SEO keywords.

What is SEO ranking?

This refers to your ranking in the search engine results pages. Optimising search engine position methods are a way to get better visibility.

The search engine algorithm that determines this ranking is decided by a series of criteria, including the relevance of content to the searched word and the quality of backlinks on the page.

Can you pay Google for SEO?

The short answer is no. Google has been reticent about the finer details of their search engine algorithm to preserve a clean and fair ranking system. However, you do have the option of employing agencies that offer various services to optimise your website for SEO.

Why You Need SEO For Your Marketing Efforts

  • 91% of websites are invisible in Google

Google provides answers to around 3.5 billion searches every day.  However, 91% of websites do not show up in any search results. That means 3.5 billion searches are being directed to only 9% of websites. Meanwhile, 91% get no exposure and garner zero organic traffic.

  • SEO works sustainably, unlike pay per click ads

Studies have shown that PPC results in a few uplifted spikes in traffic but crash eventually. That’s in comparison to SEO methods, where traffic comes in more steadily and continuously.

  • Content optimised with SEO can nurture leads throughout the customer journey

With the relevant content and keywords that follow the customer journey, you can make search engine position improvements and build greater rapport with your prospective customers. Having content that answers your customers’ questions will help with brand awareness, and that can only increase the chances of an initial enquiry being converted to a purchase.

About Search Engine Optimisation

This refers to a variety of methods that aim to have your website appear or rank higher in search engine results pages or SERPs. Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are sources of traffic since they provide websites with answers according to a user’s search terms. Improve your SEO ranking on Google, and you will enhance your visibility, which means more chance of having visitors on your site.

There are multiple ways to rise through the ranks. However, the most effective methods may change as a response to the dynamic algorithms of the search engines.

Best SEO Practices Get Your Business Noticed

Start to improve your SEO Google ranking through these fool-proof techniques:

  1. Publish quality content with relevant keywords as often and as much as you can.
  2. Changes in rankings happen often. Monitor your rank regularly and compare it each month. Refer to Google’s specifications if you notice any drastic changes.
  3. Understand your competition and build strategies to ensure your share of the niche market is not being eaten away by your rivals.
  4. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Google penalises pages that are only optimised for desktop view.
  5. Regularly visit Google’s search console for any changes in their data. Staying up to date will allow you to respond faster to developments.

Factors That Influence Your Google SEO Rankings

Apply these to boost your page ranking for search engines:

  • Improve your permalink structure by creating clear and concise page titles with keywords
  • Design your pages in a way that they can be viewed properly by mobile device users.
  • Interlink your main page to your blogs. This means having internal and external links that bring up more related content for the user.
  • Gain more backlinks by having other pages display links to your website. The most common practice is to simply connect your Facebook page to your site.

These are detrimental to your Google ranking:

  • Large pictures, plug-ins, pop-up messages, and other programs that slow down your page loading time
  • Broken or outdated links that lead to empty or error pages

We can help you start optimising your website! Position1SEO is a professional Google SEO company who can accelerate results in terms of traffic and conversions, assuring you faster return on investment. Get in touch with us today!

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