Google Uses Reconciliation Technique To Determine Authorship Of Content

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Google’s John Mueller said that there is a way for them to determine which SEO content belongs to the same writer. In a Google Search Central SEO hangout on 23 April, he discussed reconciliation – a technique used to recognise which content is written by the same author or SEO content agency.

During the episode, a website owner asked which was more important to include on an author’s page: their email address or social media profile? Mueller first explained how their search engine uses different factors to recognise the entity behind author pages.

According to him, Google’s system tries to recognise author pages by knowing who and what the entity is. This is based on several factors, including visible information found on the webpage itself or links to profile pages. Therefore, his advice is to at least link to a central or common place where all the information comes together for the author.

For instance, it could be a social network profile page that one could use across multiple author pages when creating content. When this happens, Google’s system will notice the article with an author page associated with it. The system will then group it by entity, which is likely based on the social networking profile that they are looking at. The idea is to gather all the signals in one central place, so if one consistently links a piece of content to their Facebook account, it tells Google that there is one person responsible for publishing multiple linked articles.

Mueller also brought up “authorship”, which is an outdated form of structured data markup that was used to tell Google who the author of a piece of content is. Although Google SEO content agencies have stopped using the rel=”author” annotation, they still try to understand the entity behind an author page.

Many authors have a unique name, and Google can use this to clearly distinguish authorship. However, problems may arise when there are multiple people that share the same name. If the content doesn’t contain any link to a central location, like a social media account, Google’s system could end up assuming that different authors with identical names are the same person.

Moreover, if one types a specific name of a person on Google’s search engine bar, they may find different results, such as barbecue restaurants, bands, Wikipedia pages – all kinds of websites that are associated with a person’s name. If the author or entity does not specify who they are on their website, Google’s systems might mistake them for a restaurant owner or a singer in a band, making things all the more confusing.

By adding a link to a central location on the author page, it’ll be much easier for Google to know who is really behind a piece of SEO content. With Mueller’s statement, everyone is encouraged to make sure that their social media profiles and author information are consistent across the Internet.

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