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Our Promise – 100% Guaranteed Results

As a long-standing and reputable white hat SEO firm, we operate a fair system for ensuring you see achievable and measurable results from the SEO work we carry out. Investing in our services means that, provided you comply with ALL our expert advice and the terms of our agreement with you, we underwrite your Google ranking improvements or we will work for free until you do.

The Google Ranking Improvements You Can Expect From Us

You’re working with us because you want your page to appear higher in the Google search engine rankings. At the same time, we know you don’t want to waste money on unnecessary changes. That’s why we tailor our recommendations and work on areas specifically relevant to each individual client and their website.

Our aim is to create demonstrable improvements over each six-week period of time:

  • From Unranked by Google to at least Page 10
  • Page 4 to 10 to Page 3
  • Page 3 to Page 2
  • Page 2 to Page 1
  • Page 1 position 7 to 10 to at least position 5 to 6
  • Page 1 position 5 or 6 to at least position 4
  • Page 1 position 2 to 4 up at least 1 position

However, as we often see rankings leap two or more stages in one six-week period, our guarantee is based on an OVERALL measurement over time, and we not automatically become responsible for improving to the next level within 6 weeks when we have moved up more than one level during the previous time.

The Small Print!

To ensure you can take advantage of our 100% guarantee, it’s essential to invest in the fundamentals that will affect your rankings. Before we begin to work on your SEO, we’ll carry out a full, in depth investigation of your website to ensure there is nothing that will adversely affect the SEO work we perform. This includes establishing that you have elements like:

  • A landing page that’s optimised for the target Keyphrase
  • Quality content that meets Google’s length requirements, with the correct, related LSI KPs
  • Sufficiently fast page load speeds
  • A mobile-friendly design

And we will flag up areas that Google may penalise you for, such as toxic link profiles, domain blacklistings and other areas that, SEO aside, will negatively affect your ranking.

These MUST be dealt with either by you or by paying us an additional investment to fix them for you.

If the fixes we highlight are not dealt with then the guarantee will not apply because our work will not be able to take full effect.

As part of our service we will also complete a summary audit every 6 weeks after the minimum 12 week term of the project has been completed and advise you should any further issues arise later.

We are 100% fully committed to the success of your project and have processes that consistently deliver success but we need to make sure that there are not fundamental issues holding us back from delivering you the best results.


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